Friday, July 9, 2010

I just want to let you know of some yummy candy!

Hey i know i been so MIA but i been so busy on a special project that i can't share just yet. I am not doing another LAND!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! NO WAY LOL!! I will be posting very soon though. While I'm here i NEED NEED TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!! I didn't want to be greedy and i wanted to share some candy that are up for grabs.Jodi at INKED INSPIRATIONS HAS SOME BDAY CANDY NOT ONE BUT 5 opportunities you get in the chance to win.You could get all the details at her corner.

I also need to share another must have candy at Andreas corner ,"Impressions are Made" now you need to hurry with that one it's about to finish. I never knew of Andrea's blog but i am sooo happy i bumped into it.WOW!! Her work is BEAUTIFUL! Stop by her place to get all the details .Get ready for some eye candy in both blogs (jodi and Andrea)

OK I'LL BE BACK VERY SOON.Have a wonderful day,RubyM:)


  1. Thanks so much hun!!

  2. Hello my dear Ruby, I was sooooo happy to find a message from you! Thank you for visiting and leaving words. It made my day. Since my first post on Magnolialicious, I've been so busy and found so many beautiful things, I joined challenges, and eventhough I still don't understand all the manipulations to Mr. Linky and stuff, I manage! Thanks for keeping in touch. It's very precious to me. It's also very hot and humid in Montreal, even the paper won't tear properly, it seems wet!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs xxxx and Waving my hands!!!!!!

  3. just wanted to say - ive found you ruby and your cards are truly gorgeous !
    love maddy x

  4. Hi Ruby,
    Thanks for sharing with us all these lovely candy. Yummy! Gotta check them out now :)

    Yes, I also have an American Eskimo. They are really smart dog. I had to give mine to my sister because he is too big for my little apartment. :( I'm sad, but I also know that my sister is loving him and spoiling him rotten!

    Hope all is well with you.


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