Monday, November 1, 2010

Angela Wood Candy must have and Halloween pixs to share

Hey peeps i have some candy info i wanted to announce my friend Angela has bday candy up for a lucky winner!! Her bday is on the 23rd he he he my son's bday is on the 25th ,"Thanksgiving day" lol! Make sure to stop by and read all the simple rules to enter for a chance to win yummy candy:) BY THE WAY YOU SHOULD LOOK AROUND HER BLOG.UMMMM YEAH EYE CANDY MUCH!!!!!! Her creations are always mind blowing.

Here are some pictures of my kids on Halloween yesterday

Here are my girls with their cousins taking a brake under a tree so i quickly took out the camera for a kodak moment.MY SON IS MISSING HE DIDN'T WANT TO STOP FOR A BREAK HE KEPT GOING !! SIGH... He was a ninja lol!

she was running majority of the time so barely got one as she ran to the next house lol!!! OMG SHE LOOKS SO DEVIOUS LOL!!!!! Gosh i didn't get a good face picture but she has paint stitches on her face,freckles and those mean looking eyebrows too!!

DOESN'T SHE LOOK LIKE THE REAL CHUCKY LOL!!!!!!!!! With her fake blade ha ha ha!!

There is a candy challenge at Angie's blog (scrapGirl) whoever makes her laugh gets some yummy candy LOL!!! Well i would like to post pictures to go with my story lol!

Do you know how many people stopped us to look at her lol!!! PEOPLE WANTED TO TAKE PICTURES WITH HER!!!! I mean she was getting mad because they were slowing her down from her candy collecting and she LOVES LOVES CANDY LOL!!!

Well you know how kids usually go door to door chanting ,"trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat"..... Well my kids did until they realised Sophia's concept was working better and noticed that the candy amount was bigger when she said,"HI I'M CHUCKY WANNAAAAA PLAYYYYYY" when people came to the door SIGH..... People had a laugh attack and I swear i didn't tell her .I confess this movie ,"CHILDS PLAY"is on my instant Que on my Netflix account so my kids love to watch it 24/7 lol!! They are so scared of this toy but they keep watching it over and over,I don't know what it is but they do????? Her uncle painted her face and what better person than a tattoo artist huh?? I did her hair and good thing i kept her brothers old clothes and shoes lol! OH yeah i did her paper knife also and sprayed it with red paint on the tip LOL!!!!!! Last year she was in her stroller so this time she got to do walking but she did more than that.Sophia started chasing kids with her blade LOL!! The kids knew she was playing they were just laughing because she was chasing them.We had a blast with her and at the end of the day she filled up two plastic pumpkin pails with candy.We only did two blocks cause that was too much candy already lol! Now what to do for next year LOL!!!


  1. oooo how adorable.. she did look just like chucky.... scareeeee... thanks for the heads up on the candy...

  2. What did you do to my sweet sweet baby?! Who are we kidding, Chucky was the perfect "costume" for that little monster! I missed it!


  3. Hi there Ruby, you made me laugh! Reminded me of my days with my kids. Thanks.

  4. Wonderful pictures and you kids look great!
    Hugs Kristel

  5. thanks for sharing these cute photos ~looks like you had such fun!
    vanessa xx

  6. Ruby,

    How are you girlfriend? Thanks for sharing your Halloween pics! Your kids are adorable! I hope everything is going well for you!


  7. Oh Ruby your littles are so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    hugs, Janiel

  8. Lol Ruby, she is too cute. She is the cutest Chucky I've ever seen :o)

  9. Hey girlfriend! Your Halloween pics are the sweetest ever! Aren't your kids the most adorable!? TFS! And thanks for posting my blog candy - you are the best! big hugs, Angela


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