Monday, September 6, 2010

Land of Magnolia Through the Seasons,I Won 2nd PL!!!!


FINALLY!!!!!! LOL! OK i know I've been talking about my Land and so on.It was a process for me to get it on my blog because it had to be presented by Diana Crick first.When she then posted my entry i realised i had to do a book for her to go with the scenery and since she was still presenting all the entries i had to wait for her to finish so i could share my other part just out of courtesy.My original entry was a power point presentation and it was so pretty because i had it on slide show mode.After a few seconds it will show a new page and it made this chime sound as a fairytale lol!! I know maybe it was too cheesy lol !!! BUT IT WAS PRETTY LOL!!! Diana couldn't open it so i needed to change it to PDF format lol!! So I had to loose the chime and the font no biggie LOL! My story had to be created following some few rules.Diana gave us a few words that needed to be included part of the story. So there is a reason my land was all together because my Maggie's live through the seasons all at once BAAAHAAAAA!! I'm thinking of using them individually here at home and display them through my seasons.I can't wait to display my HALLOWEEN THEME THAT'S MY FAVE!!!! I'm gonna add more leaves though to cover it all up and do piles of leaves through the whole scenery more realistic no???
There were toooooooooooooo many pictures for the land so i put them on a slide show and i will just post my book and the card i gave Diana when i saw her here at CHA!! Ya know i had to do a card for her :) OK now enough waffling and if you have time to read my story in rhyme take a seat and enjoy. You could see my entry here along with the rest of the entries if you like to take a peek.

Land of Magnolia Through the Seasons

Welcome to the divine place of Magnolia world. Where day dreams and imagination twirl and whirl. In this magical place don’t be surprised to find, adventurous kids with wings, they’re one of a kind. Here you find Tilda and Edwin who love to play, with their friends at the barn, the park or by the bay.
During the months of spring, Tilda takes advantage, to plant a garden with herbs, mushrooms and cabbage. Eating warm soup is sure to take away the gloom, that lets the kids enjoy spring in all of it’s bloom. Fresh pink flowers cover the ground of a white church, witnessing the marriage of two who've ended their search. The season soon changes and new fun will ensue, giving the children new adventures to pursue.The summer brings them heat and also much delight, that will leave them the bliss of a funky kite flight. It’s in June that they find comfort with each other, going fishing with their mother and their father. They cant forget the worms if they want to make a catch. They’ll cook up fish-n-chips and eat them by the batch. Fun summer days are full of sunshine in July, Edwin chases after a magic butterfly. Yes, in the beautiful outdoors he spends his time, but he’d rather get a drink with a little bit of lime. Its off to get ice cream with Tingla in August, they look after her much because she’s the youngest. The season soon changes and new thrills will follow, into the season that gives them creepy Eves Hollow.
Angel-children look forward to the colors of fall. Picking the biggest pumpkin, they’re sure to have a ball. By the town square with a rickety gate, a spooky house stands. The children pass with closed eyes but their courage expands. The autumn season will leave the children some frights, but not without eating bags of sugary bites. The season soon changes and new memories will be made, when the outdoors are glittered white and brightly displayed.
There’s nothing like winter for hot cocoa and snow, cuddling with old Rufus, when it’s thirteen below. Alva and Alf, always ready to spread the joy, so that it may live in every little girl and boy. Carolers will soon arrive to knock at the door, and everyone applauds for them to sing more. Baby Alvin sits with pacifier in hand, waiting for Santa, and expects it’ll be grand.
The night continues and gradually grows noiseless, but out of the night a few familiar voices. It’s Tilda and Edwin with a whole-hearted wish. They promise forever they’re family to cherish. They continue their prayer for all to believe, in the magic of friendship and love that’s received.
The season soon changes and a new year will be the perfect beginning for a sweet memory.

Here i just remembered i'm missing two pages that i forgot to take pictures of :( The book was finished just at the last minute i mean second.I finished it at the door of CHA LOL!!! seriously CHA CAME SO FAST I LOST TRACK OF TIME,but i finished it lol! The page that's missing is right next to this one with tilda with her bike and Dragon fly tilda.Also the very first page
:( sorry i forgot to take pictures of those.

This is the card i made for Diana, a card to accompany the book (smiling)

Before i let you go I NEED TO GIVE KUDOS TO MY YOUNGER SISTER ,Yehimy.My sister helped with the story, gave me ideas for the land, stood late night hours with me and took pictures for me.This land was so hard to take pictures since it was HUGE!! SO THANK YOU YEHIMY FOR YOUR TIME AND HARD WORK!!((BIG O HUGS)) And also my friends at the cricut MB ,"GIBBS" Those girls gave me so much inspiration AND Specially my talented friend Teri that won also in this contest!! YUP SHE SURE DID ,you could see her entry here .We were in a Christmas swap and she send me this little xmas theme house sooooooo gorgeous and i said I HAVE TO DO THIS in every season !!! That's how my land was created with endless inspiration and help from family and friends ,THANK YOU!!!I am so humbled for being picked in a winning entry so thank you so much
Diana Crick!!! ALL the images can be found in her store and if you don't find a particular one send her an email. I also thank you in advance for your lovely comments that i love to read they sure boost my ego lol!!Have a great day,RubyM:)
Note if you don't see my slide show it's because SLIDE is in the mids of merging in with blogger to my understanding so i've noticed that the slide comes back and forth.If it's out just come back later if you can.I have them on fast so you could see all of them it's a total of 50 pictures!!!


  1. Oh WOW Ruby!! You have a God given talent girl!!! BEAUTIFUL art work and the details really ROCK!!!! Love looking at it so much to take in..
    thank you for sharing..
    hugs, Janiel

  2. Wowww Ruby just stunning creations! Such beautifull things! Love the way you colour your images!
    Hugs Kristel

  3. OMG Ruby the biggest WOW ever girl, you are soooooooo talented, why the heck aren't you on the Magnolia DT?????????
    You put so much work into your stunning creations, I am drooling at them, your slide show is amazing, love the story, your book, the card, it's all absolutely gorgeous, have I covered it all? Congrats on 2nd place hunny, so well deserved
    hugs Mandy xx

  4. This is awesome Ruby!!!! I Love it!! Wow!! Such thought and details. Your coloring is awesome too! WTG.

  5. Holy Moly Ruby!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing. You have out done yourself with all the maggies and their own little town. Love your story and it makes ones feel that they are right there in Magnolia Land.

  6. WOW WOW WOW! AMAZING, Ruby! I love your book, story and card, all so beautiful! And your slideshow is AWESOME! You are SOOOOOOOOO talented, I am truly honoured to be among your friends LOL :-) :-) I can only imagine how much work you have put into your project, but the result shows it was really worth it! Congratulations!! Love and hugs Delphine xx

  7. OMG, Ruby, I am at a loss for are AMAZING, girl!!! Love your story and the work you put into all those gorgeous creations is just so impressive. Kudos to you for an amazingly phenomenal job!!!! You are so talented!

  8. Beautiful! Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! Ruby, dear sweet Ruby, you have outdone yourself again! I thoroughly enjoy reading your story, and watching the slide show as scene after scene filled with ALL those Magnolia images and "props" you created with the houses and gardens, leaves me breathless and awestruck! Incredible work. All those hours of creating, stamping, coloring, cutting out, Wow! I am very impressed and in my heart and mind, this is a WINNER!!! You should be a fantasy (as in fairyland) story book writer. Your imagination is boundless. I wish I could the PowerPoint version also. I take my hat off to you for a FANTASTIC job, Ruby! If there ever was a Gold Medal in the world of crafting, it goes to YOU! Big Hugs and Lotsa Love, Cami

  9. Ruby this is outstanding!!! Loved all the 3D work you had done and this book and card are also wonderful! You put your heart into your work and it shows!!! Fantastic work!!!

  10. OMG, Ruby! This is the most fantastical book ever! Every page is such a work of "heart"! Your coloring is beautiful and your embellishments are more than wonderful! Your card...WOWZERS! What a stunning beauty that is! Diana must have been blown away with your fabulous work! Way to go, girl...hugs...Barb


  12. I'M out of words... It's simply SPLENDIDE, FANTASTIQUE, EXTRAORDINAIRE... Amazing talent Ruby, WOW WOW WOW. I'M impressed, flabbergasted (I love this word) Girl you rock... Where do you find the time: please if you have a recipe: let me know, I'm interested!!!

  13. WOW!! Ruby you have really outdone yourself with this terrific book and beautiful card! My jaw just dropped as soon as I saw this!! Beautiful, Stunning and OH SO Creative!! LOVE This and I just know Diana will too!

  14. Wow, Wow and Wow again!! The book and the card are stunning. The scenes you created and your coloring. You are uber talented!!

  15. Ruby, my goodness what a masterpiece!!! I can't imagine the amount of hours you put into this. Your story is brilliant and it rhymes - how cool is that! And WoW how amazing your coloring is on those images! You have an amazing talent girlfriend! I loved the slideshow of your village. You should display it all the time - it's fantastic!!!!
    big hugs, Angela

  16. WOWZA!!!!!You demonstrated how truly talented you are Ruby!!!!!! You deserved first place hands down!!! This will always be first place in our hearts!!!! You should be on a Magnolia DT.

  17. WOW Ruby!!! This is totally amazing!!!

  18. Sorry for the delay Ruby. I finally got here :o)
    Holy Cow, this project is amazing and every l'il bit is looking fantastic. The most good thing is that you got great support from your sis'. How nice!!

  19. RUBY!!! YOU ARE ONE AMAZING STAMPER!!! Wow! I can't even imagine receiving such a wonderful book. It would have to be displayed in a glass case! ha ha! You did such a great job on all the pages, your coloring just brings them all the life!!!!! What a masterpiece you created!
    Hugs, Dena

  20. Oh Ruby this is utterly outstanding!
    Such a stunning work of art I love it so much!
    Oh what a beautiful keepsake you rock!
    kim x

  21. I am just stunned! Wowzie! The work you poured into making this is no other than fabulous, gorgeous, amazing ...I could go on and on and on! I have to go back and look again for I am sure there are very find details I haven't seen yet! Awesome job!!!

  22. Ay Ruby, cuanto trabajo has invertido mujer! Pero te quedo lindisimo!! Me gusta todo lo que has echo con este libro!! You know I am a BIG fan of yoour work!!


  23. Woah Ruby! You really outdid yourself! There's just no words to describe the amazement I feel when I look at this project! You should have won first place! WOW!


  24. You blow me away with this album, wow what an amazing work.
    Just DIVINE!
    COngrats dear!


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