Monday, February 14, 2011

Stamp With Fun #98 Sketch and award from Rene :)

Wow! I am late on my SWF posting because i forgot LOL!!!! Hey hey hey i was under meds and I'm just feeling better.I have so many things to share and boy do i have some news to share.Ok let's go in order,this is posting #1 of 2 he he.It's time for another challenge at
Stamp With Fun!!!!! Another lovely sketch by the awsome talented Emmi41.To tell you this is why i forgot to post because my card has been done over two weeks ago lol! I completely forgot to upload it to the group folder so i had my bestie friend Andrea sneek in and add it lol! THANK YOU SWEETIE :)Actually she always helps me when I'm late THANK GOD FOR HER LOL!!! Ok ok going on going on.The card was done for an order i had.The lady needed a wedding Anniversary card for another friend.They wanted it in neutral colors and as plainest as possible
:( Okkkkk i guess lol! So here is what i came up with.

Pretty plain i might say lol!

In my Aussie voice ( My Make it Crafty laser hearts) HI Zoe LMBO!!!!!

Here is the sketch to follow and if you have time swing by and visit my awsome teammies as they translated the sketch so nicely.

(((DOING HAPPY DANCE)) ) I always get an award while I'm out sick .THANK YOU VERY MUCH Rene whoohooo! You make me blush and i truly appreciate it. Thank you but I'm sorry i have to brake the chain here. I have too many BFF'S out here and if i only pick 3 or 5. I guarantee you I'll be back in rest bed with a black eye this time tee hee.THANK YOU AGAIN RENE((MUAH))I'll display it proudly ,YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Rene, this is so beautiful, love your coloring!

  2. Hi Hon! your card is very pretty. love those hAnglar cutie and how you showcased them. Take care. Hugs. D.

  3. Love your hAnglar card Ruby! These are my faves also and you've put this couple together very nicely.
    Hugs, Cami

  4. lol I have to hear this Aussie voice of yours as I am really having trouble imagining how you would be saying My Make it Crafty laser hearts. I am not sure how I say them for that matter... Ok I said it out loud - doesn't sound too odd I think... hahaha

    OH the card... that's why I am here right? Outstanding colouring!!!!


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