Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Honor Of Lady Diana Crick

Welcome everyone!!
I hope you're having a great time celebrating my good friend Diana Crick's Bday.I have brought the pinata to the party.So line up and who is going first???LOL!!

If you came from Angie's Blog than your on the right track.

To start I have done a pinata and believe me I was over the moon creating it LOL! I went and got it at my sister's candy store.I was planning to get a nice star one and was thinking of just altering one side of it.Then I saw this little hand size pinata's and I screamed, YES YES THIS ONE THIS ONE LOL! I was stocked because now I could actually mail her a pinata yeah!!!!!!!
Soooo Diana your getting a pinata ((smiling big))
The only thing I forgot was the candy DUH LOL!
Anyways the pinata was made for decor right LOL!

I used Secret Tilda as I think she could be used as a Bday theme as well.

I really like my latest technique of the pretty glitter. I've been using this technique on my colouring.Yup I'm colouring with glitter per say lol!

I had to hang the pinata from my ceiling fan to try to get a good picture of it:)
I bought this very very basic dull pinata and altered it to my liking.I think I should take orders on them HA HA HA! I had a good time fixing it up.
On to the next pressie for my Bestie:)
I did her a Bday Pin ((smiling))
I had this huge pin and thought what if I created a bday scene pin thingy LOL! So this is what I came up with using my Scorpal.

Here I'm featuring mini Edwin wants a hug and mini Congratulation Tilda
Tilda with Big Ribbon
I really love this colour combo on her dress.I'll share later with that I PROMISE.

Last but not least a scenery card for my bestie!!!!

My scenery card is featuring Cool Edwin, Wonderful Tilda,Magnolia Branch,Rainbow with Clouds,Birthday Tilda and I think It's the flower wall Tilda is sitting on.

I added a button as a stopper but it wasn't necessary but you do get to see more of the bottom of the base :)

That's all and thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what I have done.I thank you all for celebrating with us this wonderful day! I'll come back and add all the color recipes so if your interested look out for that.

For the lady of the night.....
I WISHING YOU THE BEST BDAY EVAR!!! Sending you a loads of hugs and kisses.I love ya and you always have a place in my heart.
Remember age is but a number :)
This is coming your way hun (((((TIGHT TIGHT HUGS))) I'm so happy I was invited for the special occasion.
Suzanne thank you hun ((hugs))
Magnolia-licious DT gals thank you too.
Ya are so wonderful my friends.

Now you need to go to the next stop by my talented friend Patti Jo and get ready for some eye candy!


  1. Wow this creations are amazing Ruby!!
    Hugs anneke

  2. Beautiful work Ruby, an amazing amount of colouring and all so lovely.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. wowwieee what stunning gifts Diana receives ! but than again it is her birthday ! Love what you've made ! Hugs, Marion

  4. hi Ruby!
    These gifts are the most brightest beautiful gifts. your coloring is exceptional Ruby. I love it. I love the little scenes you make and the pinata is gorgeous. I love all your gifts and I know Diana will too.
    Hugs maz

  5. Ruby, your pinata, birthday pin and card are true works of heart and art!! Love your coloring on all the images! A true inspiration for all of us!
    Beautiful work!

  6. Crikey Ruby, you've certainly been a busy bee! Beautiful creations TFS Jane

  7. OMG, your coloring is exquisite!!! I love all the projects you made, simply fantastic!!!

  8. Amazing gift! So beautiful images and coloring and detail! I don't have enough words to say what i feel about all that beauty! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Could you be any more talented!!!!!? OMG! She will love her bday goodies! Your coloring is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD Ruby!
    I hope all is well with you!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  10. Wow!! Diane is going to get a really really nice package coming her way. Your coloring is awesome.

  11. OMGosh!!!!!!!!!! How many weeks did you work on this? It's simply STUNNING! Other than that, I'm at a loss for words!


  12. OMG!!! Ruby, these are all so fantastic! I can't say anything that hasn't been said already! Utterly gorgeous creations! Diana is going to love it all!!! Fabulous work, girlfriend!!
    hugs, Sharon

  13. wow such pretty pinata and gorgeous colors going on with the Tildas! Holly molly lucky birthday girl....

  14. WOWZER!! These are all so totally amazing projects!! The colors, ribbons and all of the attention to detail with the coloring of the images and careful cutting!! Diana will be flipping out for sure!! :)

  15. Such a magnificent project. Ruby, you're something of a genius, this is so perfect! The Pinata is gorgeous, definitely doesn't need the candy. Already got my fill at Angie's.
    Sue S.

  16. Beautifully done Ruby! Love all 3 of your gifts for Dianna. The jewel tone colors are so rich looking...You did a fabulous job on them.

  17. Holy crow Ruby!!! You have been busy!

    What incredible creations you have made for dear Diana - I know she is going to treasure each and every one. LOVE them all!

  18. OMG....Ruby....this is a labor of love and a work of art and heart! Absolutely phenomenal!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

  19. *silence* THUD (sound of chin hitting the floor) OMG RUBY!!!! This is the MOST INCREDIBLE project I've seen! The ribbons are stunning - every single one of them. They are vibrant and beutiful and eye catching and absolutely FUN!!! I love the Pinata - oh what a designer you are, and your pin!!! Your PIN is stunning! and your scene card - most incredible coloring I've ever seen! YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!! Diana will be well pleased...wonderful work lady!

  20. Wow!!!!!!!!! Ruby, this is amazing! I don't think I can add anything but BEAUTIFUL.

  21. oh my goodness these are all amazing, your colouring is awesome x

  22. This is really great! Fabulous how you've managed to make this. Diana will have great fun with this pinata!

    groetjes, Ellen

  23. Oh, Ruby, I am just speechless! Your coloration is absolutely perfect. It was done with such accuracy and perfection. You achieve such depth and highlights. Each project is perfect. Wow!

    Chris Christensen

  24. OH WOW... where to start I am simply in awe of all your goodies.. I am still wading through all the glittah and in dreamland with it all. I just love the pinata, decorated so beautifully, as is the stair card and the over the top pin.. Oh what joy Queen is going to have opening her gifts... she is going to think (no she is going to know) she hit the jack pot.. your coloring, your ideas, your layouts and your wonderful thoughts are so amazing that you just made someone's birthday a very happy one... A really wonderful job Ruby..
    Hugs, Jean

  25. Okay...I so want to be your bestie!!! These are amazing!!!! I love the pinata idea but I could NEVER let anyone swing a stick at it.....I would just sit and admire it hanging from the ceiling!!! Very nice!

  26. Wow, these projects are just gorgeous. I especially love the pop up card!! GORGEOUS!!

  27. Wow. Beautifull Ruby.

    Hugs Monique

  28. Oh my goodness!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome, and well deserved to very special Diana! I best she is busting at the seams :O) Yeah!!!!

  29. Stunning work Ruby, I love it all!!! Your colouring is incredible, you wowed me and I am now a follower!
    Love Nicola xxx

  30. What beautiful work you have done on all the nice things you made her! It's all eye catching and stunning :D You really did a lot of work and it shows! I enjoyed peeking at all of it!
    Hugs and Happiness,

  31. Absolutely stunning! Love the colours
    Hugs Julie P

  32. Magnificient projects Ruby; Your coloring is incredible (oh how I would like to be able to colour like you do, maybe one day with lots of practice). Diana is going to love your gifts, even without the candy!Happy Birthday Diana.
    Hugs and Wishes, Barb in Victoria, B.C., Canada

  33. OMG all your projects are gorgeous...I
    could never hit the pinata it is too beautiful
    gorgeous coloring and color choices.
    hugs Linda

  34. Holy cow Ruby, I thought your projects are never going to reach the end, lol. What an eye treat going through the pinata, pin & card. Theses are so pretty and girlie. I love it and bet Diana adore them!!

  35. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Ruby this is so stunning dear! Love your coloring, you are so talented!!! Great work!!
    Hope you are doing fine dear!!
    Hugs Kristel

  36. ......Totally speechless, WOW!!!! this is awesome. Such beautiful colours and the scenes you created are amazing.

  37. Pretty projects.. thanks for sharing:}

  38. Gorgeous! Gourgeous! You did a great job for the pinata. Happy birthday Diana! YOu sure have the bestest of buddies:-)

  39. Absolutely stunning projects. Teresa xx

  40. I'm so glad you put up a ton of pictures because people would be beating down your door (with sticks...you know, for the pinata) for more if you didn't! LOL!
    This is beyond amazing...it is such a treasure and Diana will love it!
    Rene :D

  41. Loved the colours of your photo.....Absolutely all gorgeous creations here!!! Thanks for sharing........

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  42. Absolutely amazing work!!!!! Wow this is incredible!!!!!! Fabulous work!!!!


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