Monday, March 26, 2012

Outlaw Luka is a SPEED RACER!!!!

La-La Land Crafts meets Make It Colourful this time around  here for me :)

Outlaw Luka has made his way here with no harm done.
The theme at La-La land Crafts is "WILD CHILD" and at Make It Colourful is "creating movement"

Ok this was my first time at creating something like what I did. I mean I've done water movement and there was something else but I don't remember right now,lol!
BUT my intention was to make it seem the Luka was speeding obviously :)
To add to the illusion I slanted the image itself a little bit, teheee.... shhhhh!

As I said it was my first go on this particular strategy. I did a couple of mistakes but now I know for next time. I won't point them out so I'll just leave it to you to find them LMBO!!!!

One thing I could say is that a digi that is in PNG format would make things much easier I think for me personally.
BUT BUT if you're a stampin person then you simply mask and stamp lighter as you get to your last image almost like the no line technique. As my friend Rosie and Tracy V. say 2nd generation and third generation stamping :)

Well I hope you like what I created and if you attempt this please tell me!!!!! I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!! I could imagine you could do it with a kid running, dancing, speeding :) even someone walking!!!

Ok so If you like to join the Make it colourful challenge come to the GALLERY HERE and you could see what my teammies have done for this and get ready for some outstanding ideas and amasing colouring SERIOUSLY LOL!!

Oh but the La-La Land Crafts DT has their own eye candy also.The team has created some sweet but some WILD creations to share with you too and their gorgeous colouring is a wow!!! :)
You could come and visit HERE and to join in the fun swing by the Costumer gallery HERE.

You could find the wild,"Outlaw Luka" HERE at the La-La Land craft store and you could find the gorgeous Laser Flower Leaf Swirls chipboard from MIC HERE which I painted to create flames :) and also I coloured on MIC Blending paper

A closer look at the dimension of my MIC CHIPPIES 

Oh btw his face is dirty not hairy people!!! He is after all a kid you know, lol!!!!!

I hope you like my card and if you have any other suggestions, question etc please ask me.Thank you kind friends for all the lovely comments here, through email and on my FB wall :) THANK YOU!!!!!

BTW if you wanna jon my candy give away come over HERE.

SKIN: E000,E01,E11,E13,R20HAIR: E50,E51,E53,E55,BV20,C3,C7,W3,W9BIKE: R22,R19,R35,Y17,Y11,W2,W4,W8,BLACK
SHIRT: R22,R29,R35
PANTS: B00,B32,B34,B39
JACKET: BV25,C5,100
SHOES: 100,C3,C5

The blender 0 was a lot of help for this technique.

My warm mediums are Letraset Pantone markers also my black.


  1. AWESOME!!!!! You really do think outside of the box, Ruby!!! It is absolutely perfect!!!!
    Love it!!!!

  2. Ohhhhhhh, you are BRILLIANT!!!! You totally captured the essence of that speedster!!!!
    You are an amazing bundle of talent. What boy would not love to receive this great card?

  3. wooooow! This is fantastic!!!! love it! And no, I can´t find the couple mistakes, it´s just perfect!!!

  4. Wow this is so cool! I love the creativity and how you showcased movement! Did you use a masking technique?


  5. This is simply amazing! You nailed the "speeding" effect..he looks like he is flying by!! So glad to be able to say that I taught you something!'re amazing!!

    Tracy Valure

  6. OMG... let me pick my jaw back... This is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. You are such an inspiration. I bought that stamp... and, I might just try YOUR TECHNIQUE. thank you for this beautiful inspiration. I love it.
    FABULOUS WORK Ruby, as always. Hugs.

  7. Katya.. Yes it's a masking technique.Stamp your first image as you normally do.Then stamp the second time right behind the first bur make sure you have less ink.Then third with even lesser ink :)

    makes sense?? I hope this helps.If your doing digi all you have to do is lower the contrast on the image's very easy :)


  8. That is sooooo cute Ruby! I love it.

    Hugs Monique

  9. WOW!! I love this! the image looks amazing I can't wait to try it out! thanks for sharing you you achieved it! amazing colouring too! hugs, Jane x

  10. Holy RACECAR! How did you do that!! Looks so wicked awesome!! WOWZERS!! Great job!

  11. I have to say this: OMFG!!
    Ruby - WOOW! I already knew that you're the master of scrapbook, but seriously, I had no idea that something like this was even possible! That colouring... gosh! The chipboard-flame! His hair! The speed-effect! The sentiment! The colours! Ruby, I think you just did scrapbook-history with this card. Scrapbookers houndreds of years from now will go back and look at this an be blown away by your talent, just like I am at this very moment. Stunning my friend! :)


  12. This can be summed up in one word Rubes "phenomenal"

  13. Your coloring on this absolutely breathtaking!

  14. oh my gosh! this is so awesome. You're my idol!!!

  15. Wow this is really Amazing!!!Love it all!
    hugs, Heidi


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