Monday, October 17, 2011


((Scratching my head)) Where to start explaining ROTFL!!!

Ok first of all Welcome everybody Magnolia-licious has a wonderful Hop for you today!
I'm your first stop.If you like to join in the fun and want the full details go to the
 Magnolia-licious highlities blog for a full run down :)

I have to say this is certainly a one of a kind hop and an EXCLUSIVE,#000 Dr.Edwin to top it off! He is exclusive to Magnolia-licious and even sweeter he's available in mini # 000! It won't be right without his better half  #307Nurse Tilda from Winner take it All Collection

Ok back to my card :)

In my mind I knew what scene I was going to create so I started coloring my background which is an MIC Rise and Shine digi.
I realized after it was all colored that I set the tone a bit romantical, LOL!
Well I kinda brushed it off and what I actually thought of doing was to add a sitting  mini magnolia on the bed.As if the medical staff came to treat the patient.I think it would be a great get well card or a HELP ME CARD lol! 

Well after searching through my inventory I realized," I DON'T HAVE ANY MINIS SITTING DOWN"!!??? WHAT!????
So I had to leave that image out for now.
The only problem now is ....... we're left  with a romantic scene and two grown adults,ROTFL!

Did I fail to inform that I tried creating a scene from, General Hospital or any soap at that, LOL!

I'm curious too know what came to your mind when you saw my card and be honest.I swear I won't think different of you. I'll probably just cry of laughter because that's what I did when I was told by my family over here.To pay attention to what I'm doing and just observe the scene.I was being teased that I should just throw some rose pedals on the bed or bring out the wine.

This creation has brought me a good laugh I tell ya.
Well I can't keep you any longer but again if you're here early then try to come back to peek at least a bit better images of my card.

I won't hold you up any longer and send you on your way to my friend Janiel's blog for some more eye candy!!!!
I hope you enjoyed my scene and your comments are truly thankful.I can't wait to read what you think LOL!

Maybe the patient is under the bed? you know which image would go well  Apple Edwin from the A Little Yummy for your Tummy collection!!! What image do you think? or leave as is?


  1. It is a lovely scene, Ruby!! Can'w wait to see the other photos! Great use of the theme, I'd say!

  2. Oh it's brilliant Ruby! you do make me chuckle.
    All that's missing from this scene is an ageing movie star!!
    I so love your colouring, just blows me away!
    Love, Mel. xxx

  3. Lol, it doesn't look like a hospital scene, more like they are about to play doctors and nurses in the boudoir!!! Add another character and that might make it very risque!! Whatever you choose, it's lovey and the colouring is exceptional.

    ** Kate **

  4. LOL What a great card. Yes, not a hospital theme. but hey the DR and nurse might have just been at work and come home for their showers haha. great card though, love your colouring
    Im having trouble signing into my google account. hope this works

  5. I love your card Ruby. Not really a hospital scene, more like a scene out of a soap, haha.

    Hugs Monique

  6. Ruby... absolutely spectacular ... as always! mandi xxx

  7. Oh wow wow wow!!! That´s gorgeous!!! love the scene!!!! And your colouring is sooo fabulous!

  8. Ruby, your coloring is outstanding! It just blows me away!

  9. Aww - Tilda and Edwin playing Doctors and Nurses lol Next you'll need a baby Tilda!!!!

  10. Amazing scene Ruby.
    Great details and colouring... Ohhh I will not worry for the patient... a am sure he is in WC :) hehehehe

  11. Only you, Ruby!!!! Haahhhah!!! It can be anything your little heart desires... LOL!!! Gorgeous coloring!!! You are the queen of scenes!!!!

  12. Oh Ruby! I love this card. I was way too fascinated with your coloring to actually pay attention to what the background might suggest though LOL.

    I'd love to have this Edwin + his mini alter ego, but I'd have to pay $15 for shipping, that's just not reasonable *falls over*, especially since I know it would be possible to ship it for a lot less. ;__;

  13. Ruby you are to funny!!!! Your patient could be off for testing somewhere??? Love it and your coloring!

  14. love the beautifull colouring....!

  15. A perfect scene for General hospital, with all the drama... I would say the Dr. and the nurse were rushed to a patient THAT DISAPPEARED... now we could go on, not with our lives as they always say in soaps, but go on imagining who could be that patient, where did he go? what happened to him, and how strange to be in the hospital and just leave??? Is he contagious, OMG....
    Ruby, I would write a scene with your card. Totally beautiful. Exquisite coloring. and super mise en scène. Totally adorable.

  16. Your coloring is fabulous and you have made a great to interpretation!!! :) I think the patient is hiding under the bed because of the BIG needle Nurse Tilda is holding! Awesome job Ruby!

  17. Your coloring is absolutely wonderful. Love the scene, perfect for a Soap Opera setting. You did a wonderful job on the entire project.

  18. Ruby, Ruby!!!! This is a scene straight from ANY soap! Love it!!!!!! Your coloring is out of this world GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful work. I can't wait to see more photos.

    Hugs, Mindy

  19. Hi Ruby,
    LOL LOL - maybe the patient died !!!
    BEAUTIFUL colouring and love the scene :o)
    Hugs, Candy

  20. LMBO! Girl you are a riot! I LOVE this card!! I wouldn't change a thing! Your coloring just blows me away! Fabulous project my friend!
    hugs, Sharon

  21. just stunning ruby ~as always beautiful colouring ~amazing scene...
    vanessa xx

  22. Ruby, your card is totally looks like they are making a house call, only the patient appears to be MIA....white coat syndrome, you think?????
    Your coloring is SPECTACULAR, my, love your creation!

  23. Wow your coloring is gorgeous!!
    As for the scene... I think Edwin was attracted to Tilda and they have been making eyes at each other for some time and their attraction grew, then they had time before the patient came back from their tests and Edwin decided to make his move, but... Tilda pulled out her needle and called for help as Dr Edwin is really a Psychiactric patient who really thinks he's a Dr and it's time for his meds!!!
    Loved the card it's really beautiful! I thought I would have some fun with the story, cause that's true Soap Opera storyline. I watch Days of Our Lives and have since I was 4 years old , so I really loved that you themed this card after that, very creative! Thanks!!
    Hugs, Briana

  24. What a stunning creation! Your coloring is amazing!
    Hugs Julie P

  25. Great card and gorgeous colouring but yes I can see where the soap opera comes into play. I wouldn't change a thing though. Carissa :)

  26. Stunning scene! I was thinking of kids when they play doc and nurse. I love your soap opera idea.

  27. I was thinking that they made a house call and the patient is in the bathroom.... Anyhow, I LOVE it. I would not change it at all. Then again, maybe they were there because something happened when 2 romantic people had a mishap.... I am leaving it

  28. The first thing I saw was your stunning scene and how beautiful you color. I think it is perfect the way it is and look at all the ideas that can come of our own imaginations.

  29. Hi Ruby!
    Your card is gorgeous. I know that isn't a hospital bed as I just came out of hospital after spending the night in Emergency. It didn't look that beautiful. The patient has obviously ran away after seeing that big needle in Tilda's hand. She had to call Dr Edwin to come and help her. It's a beautiful sunny day outside and yet the night lamp is turned on... I think they want to be able to see under the bed.
    Beautiful coloring Ruby. I love it.
    Hugs Maz

  30. So beautiful Ruby.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  31. I must admit I truly enjoyed this hop. Your project was exceptional. I was LOL reading all the comments above. Reason, I'm a nurse & my husband's a doctor :) I'd really love to have these stamps. I'm your new follower too & will be looking forward to more hilarious scenes.

  32. Ruby you are so funny hun, this totally warmed me up this morning laughing at your post.
    And OMG, your colouring is to die for!!!!!

  33. This is gorgeous - completely soap-worthy Ruby!!

  34. Magnolia inc.. proud sponsers of viagra... It won't hurt a bit.

    Awesome Ruby !


  35. You card gave me a giggle Ruby!! BEAUTIFUL coloring and the scene is perfect for this challenge dear!!
    Have a great week..
    big hugs, Janiel

  36. Hi! Not often a beautiful card makes me laught!! Funny AND amazingly colored and beautiful at the same time! Priceless! Thank you for showing! Hugs Sandra

  37. ROTFL......I LOVE this card. Such a soap opera scene for sure. Isn't this how they end up playing "doctor" and "nurse" on those shows anyway? They start in the bedroom. LOL. Awesome card Ruby!


  38. Hi Ruby, here I am finally get a chance to sit down and do some catch up. Holy Cow gal, you did a fabulous job on your coloring and what a wonderful scene you created. Love the sunshine by the window and both Tilda & Edwin looked awesome. Great way to display these images :o)

  39. LOL - Too funny! I have some rose petals I can send you! :D Love the sun in the window. *Hugs

  40. Your colors are so rich and vivid. Very, very pretty. I love the card.

    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute :)

  41. Gorgeous scene you created here Ruby! Your coloring is amazing of course. I love the bright colors you used. Fabulous work, Ruby! hugs, Angela

  42. Wow! Your card is absolutely stunning! Love your colouring. It is fantastic. With a scene like that I am sure the Poor doctor's heart is racing and his temperature is soaring. Lol So the heading of this post is very apt! I really enjoyed reading this post and so I have decided I must become a follower to see what you say or create next. Happy crafting
    Hugs Julie

  43. Your coloring is so stunning here!! I love this!! I thought it looked just like a scene from General Hospital!! My parents have been watching it for YEARS!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  44. This is gorgeous! ! I was trying wondering if you might tell me how you get your colors so deep and vibrant. Are you using grays to shade with as well as the deeper colors. If you are able to share, please feel free to email me directly at


  45. Didn't I see somewhere that we're not supposed to post X-rated material here? Oh, sorry. Misunderstood I guess, but I still think it's entirely too cute! Is that a smile I see on Dr. Edwin's face :)
    Sue S.

  46. Oh my, Ruby, your work is always incredible! Your coloring is over the top and this "scene" you created is missing . . . YOU! ROTFLMBO! Put a pic of your face on the pillow! You are hysterical and I just love your creative mind!
    Hugs, Cami

  47. Ok Ruby, I must admit that what came to my mind first was NOT appropriate for a mother of two to be thinking! LOL! But it's your fault...I mean, look at how RUMPLED you made that bed look! Hahaha! This is awesome!
    Rene :D

  48. OMG-your card is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

  49. Ruby, you are such a kick in the pants! Your hospital scene is hilarious and adorable! You should have had Pregger Tilda in the background as it looks like one of those extra special maternity rooms. The bright colors are so cheery! I love your sense of humor. Your story was a hoot!

    Chris Christensen

  50. your colouring is soooooooo great ... i love it!!!

    hugs, becky

  51. Your scene is beautiful!!! That's what I initially saw, then I saw some playful role playing! ROTFLMAO! Really though, this scene does rock. Had you had the little girl sitting my mind wouldn't have wondered nearly as much! LOL Gorgegous coloring!!!

  52. My first thought was Where did she get that gorgeous scene?! I love it! Your coloring is fantastic. When my Copics are worn out from practicing so much maybe I will be able to color like that.
    Anything you do girl is always gorgeous!!


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