Saturday, November 3, 2012

Make It Crafty Inspiration and Spectrum noir with tutorialal

Hey hey guys! Ruby here and my time has come to share with the MIC Inspiration blog and also on my Spectrum Noir DT.
  I have for you a little colored scene that I created using MIC Giant Flower. Everything is colored with Spectrum Noir pens and I'll be sharing the recipe down below along with a tute.

How I did it you ask? Well the background sky was a color combo blending back and forth. Nothing extremely difficult. Just playing with pens and making them blend together smoothly. The flower was fun and It did take lots of layering and blending. I wanted to give the flower a particular style with deep shading and  lots of flickering. All I did was flick from center outwards blend blend blend.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of the background scene alone beforehand.

and this is the complete scene created into a card.

 I have some pretty MIC Laser Chipboard ,"Swirly corners" and some of my pale purple flowers I colored with SN pen PL 4 purple to coordinate with my card.

I now have a tute down at the bottom, How I achieved the Undertone on this cute Mythical Nymph Toread name Flora :)

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Spectrum Noir Recipe:
SKY Background: BT1, BT3, BT4,CT1,I G2
Flower: LV2, PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4, PL5
Stems:LY1, LG1, LG2, DG1, DG2, JG1, JG7, BG3, PL1, CT4
Ground: LG5,GB4, DG3, BG4
Mountains: TN1,TN2,TN5, EB5, EB7, GB9
Flora(sitting Image)
Skin: FS1, EB1, EB2, DG1, BLENDER
Hair: EB1, EB2, BG5, BG10
Horns: 1G1,1G2,EB2
Eyes: TB1,TB8
Dress: BT4, BT5, GT1, BGR4
Leaves on dress: LG5,CG2, FL3
Flower band on hair: TN1, FL2, LG5, CG2


Now for the quick picture step tutorial to share!!

Do you want to know how I achieved a green undertone with pale skin coloring on Flora from the Toread line?

 This is another fun way to color skin on many stamps that portray a mythical fantasy-like image.

You can easily achieve the effect with just a few markers.
The markers you need for this tutorial are
FS1, EB1, EB2, DG1 and blender

Step 1 and 3 will be overall working on the undertone.

Step 1: Lay your undertone first with DG1, preferably where your shading is more likely to sit.

Step 2: Lay FS1 right on top of DG1 to add more depth.

Step 3: Add EB1 around the edge lines of the skin. Adding EB1 will help tone down the brightness from FS1 and keep all the other colors well muted.

For step 4 through 6  each time you lay a color you want to move to the next shade of color over less of the working area( such as highlighted parts)

Step 4 : Use DG1 To bring the undertone back.

Step 5: Pulling inward with FS1 and blender in a circular motion of highlighted areas.

Step 6: Lay EB2 around the edge lines to cast shadows.

This is the final result and I made an option of flicking small marks around the skin to add a realistic effect with CR3. I hope my method was useful and easy to understand. 

Have a great colourful weekend!

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