Sunday, December 30, 2012

Celebrating A New Home

HI GUYS! Merry Christmas ..... I hope everyone enjoyed themselves with your love ones. My family were solo for the first time. It was just our small family :( on a good note I didn't have to cook so much :)

Well it's time to share my latest for my Inspiration post over the Little Darlings blog the theme is celebration. I've been hiding this for a while now and giggling like no other lol! (I'll explain in a bit)

I colored the new Zoe in rubber available at the Little Darlings store with my spectrum noir pens. Her shoes, necklace and some parts of the dress have sparkly fine glitter.

I didn't realize I had a particular color combo going with her until she was done lol! RED,WHITE AND GREEN LOL! I'll explain hold up lol!

and this is what I've been giggling about ROTFL!!! You know how they say be careful what you share on FB! Well this is one of those times ha ha ha! Behind our home tag is another tag :) 

Angie Hunt was sharing her architect's sketch on her new home. I TRIED to brake her on the color palette so I could color the house but she wouldn't break. I kept asking like 101 questions but at that time she wasn't sure. I just doodle some coloring but importantly the image did make it to my card BAAAHAAAA!! Zoe represents of course Angie with her diva-licious hair :) sorry I laid some red lipstick out of her lips :)
THEN the green,white and red represents the Italian in her which I'm scur. You guys should hear her (she threatens my life)when she says it's the Italian side of her. JK LOL!!!!

well this is the inside

and one last glance from the side.
and btw the chipboard green leaves are from MIC laser chipboard colored with my green SN pen.

I'll try to come back before the New year to share a coloring tute, maybe not sure if it's going to be delayed since I was late to begin with. I have to wait to hear from my SN leader :)

Ok guys I'm off to color something ...I'm sure I need to color :) Good day guys and be careful and if I don't make it beforehand.

I want to wish my followers, friends, quiet followers THE BEST NEW YEAR and may you find yourselves with family and friends. I thank you for all your support , without your motivating words I wouldn't be able to keep coloring like machine lol! ((tight hugs)) Ruby Montes

Spectrum Noir recipe
Hair: EB2, EB3, EB8
Skin: EB2, TN1, TN2, FS1, CR4,CR3
Dress: DR1, DR3, DR4, DR5, DR6, DR7
Eyes: EB3 and eye lid BGR1
Shoes and some parts of dress 1G2, IG4 and topped with fine glitter
Background : CG4
Shading through out the image: BG3, BG5

*********HAPPY 2013*********


  1. It's gorgeous Ruby !!!!
    Happy New Year :)).

    Hugs Monique

  2. OMG...this is phenomenal, Ruby! Adore your coloring of this lovely vision!

  3. Gorgeous! fabulous colouring, her hair is to die for!
    melly. xxx

  4. Gorgeous, lovely colouring... Hugs.. Brittany, xx


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