Monday, December 3, 2012

Guest designer for Simply Betty whoot whoot!!

HI guys! Happy Monday and I'm so excited to share today's creation and a quick coloring tute on how I took on this cool dude.
Thanks Betty for the guest invite to the challenge blog. I was tickled to hear of the challenge theme and she was a sweetie to acknowledge me as the technique originator aka founder ROTFL!!!

Anyways thanks hun for having me. (Her images rock, I love her style and her coloring is jaw dropping!)
Also quick kudos to the lovely Corinne for all your help and you certainly ALSO bring your awesomeness talents to the table GF :)

ok so.... I was invited to share a quick movement technique and this is what I've created using winter Christian available at the Simply Betty store.

ok so you want to see how I did it. 
Again this is only a coloring tute and YES, I will be doing a full tute. Once I get a hot hot image in my hands. I'm off to work on it right away. ((smiling big)) I have a special image coming for my tute whohooo!
ok let's

FIRST STEP: color your image like you normally do. I suggest you write them down IT HELPS A LOT! 
I color with Spectrum noir pens and this is my recipe 
Step 1 recipe
Skin: TN1, TN2,EB1,EB2
Hair: EB1,EB2,BG5,BG10
Jacket: CG1,CG3,CG4,,DG3
Pants: TB1,TB4,TB5,TB6, True black
Glasses: IB1,TB1,TB4,TB5
Gloves: GB8,GB9,EB1,EB2
Board: IG1,IG3,IG4,IG6

SECOND STEP: This is where the fun begins. Now you color the second image and start to eliminate the darker pens.
step 2 recipe
Skin: TN1, EB1, blender
Hair: EB1, EB2, BG5, blender
Jacket: CG1,CG3,CG4
Glasses: IB1,TB1,TB4
Gloves:GB8, EB1,EB2
Board: IG1, IG3, IG4

THIRD STEP: This would be the lightest image possible but yet visible.
step 3 recipe

Skin: TN1, blender
Hair: EB1, EB2, blender
Jacket: CG1,CG3
Pants:TB1,TB4 and blender
Glasses: TB1and blender
Gloves: EB2 and blender
Board: IG1, IG3
and you also add your lightest base color just outside the edge of the last image like hair is my EB1 ETC......

STEP 4: Now I started to create the "movement marks" by simply flicking to the back of the image. You start right behind the first image to the back.I flip around my paper to get a finer and long flick.
I used BG2, BG3 and blender for my flicks.
this is the final result and the blender really helps to smooth out the flicks. I always tend to go back and add color if I need to. The blender could loose some of the color but don't fright that's what gives the illusion.
I used MIC (Make It crafty) Laser chipboard and LD (Little Darlings)sentiment winter stamps.
and this is my creation using the cool Christian dude.
Stop by the challenge blog HERE  to check out more inspiration and CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE TEAM HAS DONE WHOOT WHOOT!!

If you decide to give it a try can you please share with me. I would like to see what ya created and I would be very very thankful If you give me some kudos on the technique (puppy eyes here)
Betty Corinne thank you ladies((hugs))
Oh I forgot to mention....I'm having Internet connection problems (this post almost didn't happen lol) so I'll try to get online as soon as I can. I am anxious to check out more movement creations. 



  1. OMG this is gorgeous,this is a great idea, thanks for the explanation!
    Hug, Celia.

  2. Flippin awesome missie!! I will be having a go at this for sure once I've caught up on my Christmas cards...........eeek!

  3. way cool ruby!!! What an amazing are so talented! I would love to try this out but I am scared - you do it so well!! :D xx

  4. Ruby, I love when you do this technique. Such a perfect coloring, I look up to your work, and get inspired. Very beautiful card, awesome image, an eye candy with my coffee. Hugs.

  5. What a gorgeous card Ruby.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  6. AWESOME JOB Ruby, you amaze me with your coloring!! Thank you so much for the tutorial and for joining in with us at Simply Challenged Challenges!!! You are so much fun to work with!

  7. Hi Ruby,
    I am blown away with this FANTASTIC card!!
    It is awesome!
    I wondered if you drew the second and third images or if you stamped them?
    Your colouring is always fantastic. I won't be able to look at this image any other way now 😊
    Hugs, Candy

  8. Fantastic technique Ruby! Thanks for sharing how you color this. I'd be interested on how you stamp out the image. Maybe next tute? Thanks for sharing sweetie, hugs, Angela

  9. did you mask the subsequent images to get that replication without undue duplication? Looks FAB!!!

  10. Ruby this is absolutely stunning and amazing! Thank you so much for doing this for me! I am forever grateful! I still have not tried it as I am intimidated, but I promise to share when I do so.


  11. Ruby Ruby Ruby..MY girl... I just love everything that you do and THIS technique is 100% ALL you!! No one does this better than you. I read your comments and I assumed that this is a digi, am I wrong??? I still do not get it and don't think I would ever try this technique because it would be a total disaster..... I need to actually see you do this on a video tutorial please.... You ROCK this girl...........I love each and every one that you do.. You own it honey......


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