Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Say I'm a Bird....say it.....

Happy Tuesday and I'm awfully late with my DT post for Saturated Canary challenge again but I didn't want to leave this scrapbook page unnoticed. 

The theme is Movie Inspiration. 
You have, I believe one day left before the challenge closes.
OK the second I saw the theme I knew I was going to do,"The Notebook" I am seriously crazy in love with this movie. My teen is obsessed with it too! I wonder why hmmmmmm?

I used this picture for my Inspiration

and this is one of my favorite scenes. 

Allie: Do you think in another life, I could have been a bird?
Noah: What do you mean?
Allie: Like reincarnation.
Noah: I don’t know.
Allie: I think I could. Say ‘I’m a bird.’
Noah: No. Won’t do it.
Allie: Say I’m a bird.
Noah: Stop it. Stop it now.
Allie: Say it!
Noah: You’re a bird.
Allie: Now say you’re a bird, too.
Noah: If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. 

thought you would want to know that he he he.

I cropped out Puppy Love and only used the cute boy, isn't he perfect! Trust me I was tempted to color him a beard but I like him clean cut :) and I also thought Nevaeh was the perfect fit because of her long flowing hair. A bit more sophisticated if you ask me. You could find these and other adorable digi images at Krista's online store, Saturated Canary.

and that's all for today and back to work for me. Make sure to come back tomorrow because I have another cute image to share.

Little Darling Product

Spectrum Noir Recipe

Skin: FS1, TN1, TN2, EB2, CR3
Lips: CR1, CR7
Hair: CR1, GB1, GB10, EB2, 
Dress: BT3, BT9, TB4,TB8
Shoes: BGR3, BG1, BG2
Stockings : IG1, IG3
Shoes: BGR1, BGR3

Noah (Puppy Love)
Skin: TN2, FS1, FS5, CR2, BG5
Hair: GB10, EB1, EB2, EB6, BG8
Shirt: BG2, EB2,1G2, IG3
Eyes: BT4, BT9 
Pants: BG1, BG3, BG7, EB2

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