Sunday, January 2, 2011

My favorite 2010 creations an award

OK just wanted to share my favorite creations from 2010 before i went ahead and started posting my 2011 work.I should be coming back later in the evening with my first 2011 card so stay tune.

This is my favorite color combo card.

This card won so many awards i broke my own record :)

My Indan tilda card brought so much traffic in from all over the world !!! :)

awwwh my MIC bloghop creation.A winner wil be announce on Monday on my blog !!!

I got an award yesterday by my lovely gf Leslie THANK YOU DOLL!!!! This girl is talented i tell ya stop by and check her out.((LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO HER WORKING CHAIR)) I love it!!!!
Oh yeah her creations are jaw dropping SERIOUSLY. Oh and Her work room is freakin eureka!!!!!!!! Sorry Leslie i love drooling on your blog lol!

So I have to share 8 things about myself that you probably do not know, so here it goes...

1. My children give me grey hair but at the end of the night i can't hold myself from giving in to them ((shaking head))
2. SHHHH!! MAJORITY of my creations are done at the very last second .
3. I LOVE coffee in the morning with Hazelnut creamer and equal sugar.How much sugar i put in it will stun you lol!!! I recently found out too much artificial sugar might not be good so i started cutting down just yesterday to 3 packages baahaaaaa.I mean that's a major blow to me shhhhh! (dam Dr.Oz):)

4. I love Hello kitty and might be guilty why my, 5yo is obsessed with her too lol!! yup guilty

5. I am a member of 9 yahoo groups ((guilty)) just got invited to one yesterday lol!! I can't help it
6. OK i am not as loud as you all think i am, just ask Suzanne Dean I'm pretty mellow right Suzanne???lol!
7. I have too many blogging friends and I'm guilty of not keeping up with their postings.I hope their still my friends lol!!!
8. I use to hang out at the Cricut MB ALOT and that's how my cyber crafting started
Ok so i'm passing it down to my buddies in no particular order.
I had to do 9 no way i could of let one of these ladies go!!
The rules for receiving this award are:Thank and link back to the person who sent this to you. Share 8 things about yourself. Pass this award on to 8 bloggers. Contact those bloggers and tell them you sent them this award.
Thank you friends for supporting my ego this past year and please help me keep going lol!!((hugs))RubyM:)


  1. Hi Ruby!
    What a wonderful cards :) And congratulations with the award!!
    Hugs Anneke

  2. Hello Ruby, Such a wonderful card collection. Looking forward to see more of your fabulous projects in 2011.

  3. Wow so many beautiful cards on one post! Each card is a beautiful work of art, Ruby! You are so talented girlfriend! My favorites are the easel cards though - so many wonderfully colored images and details to look at on your easels.

    Thank you for the award hunny! Hmm.. now I have to ponder 8 friends to send it too... hmmm... ;) Thanks again! big hugs, xoxoAngela

  4. WOW Ruby, all these cards are amazing! You are so talented! It's hard to believe that you wait til the last minute to create your cards, since they are so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the award! I will post it soon. I need to think about who to give it to.
    You are a wonderful friend!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Lol, thanks, girlfriend for sharing all of these beauties. Yes, I remember the Indian Tilda that you did....AWESOME! I was again, finding myself staring at all the beautiful detailing! I haven't made a card in a while now and just looking at all of your cards has inspired me to get crafting! You inspire me!
    Keep on keeping on!

  6. What a terrific way to see your spectacular creations at once!!! Was fun to go down memory lane! Awesome Ruby!!!

  7. Ruby your 2010 cards are all divine.
    My heart go for the Edwin and Tilda on the swing. It's so romantic!

  8. Hey, my best friend from the US:-)! Congratulations on your award and thank you SO MUCH for passing it to me, it means A LOT! Don't feel guilty about Hello Kitty, I love her too and I keep buying Hello Kitty gifts for my friends' daughters, since I don't have one myself!! As for your blogging buddies, don't feel guilty either, they sometimes don't keep up with your postings too... And for you, I guess things are definitely going to get worse, I can tell you are busier and busier:-)
    Last thing, your creations are all AMAZING, I love them all!!! Lots of hugs, Delphine xx


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