Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make it Colourful #5 Blending Blue/Purple

Hello peeps! Well it's time for another challenge at , Make it colourful.We have a wonderful sponsor this week and was very excited to use one of their images from Karen's Doodles.The challenge this week is blending blue and purple together.I used it on the birds ,clouds and on my cute God's Angel from Karen's Doodles.I thought it went well with Highway to heaven from MIC.I think the little angel is so cute but i lost many of the lines while i printed her so i had to use my copic liner to get some of those lines back then i realised the lines were too bold GRRRR!!!!! I just went over here and there.
I WISHED I HAD GOTTEN A BETTER BRIGHTER PICTURE !If it's not one thing it's another huh?!!

So your wondering why i didn't add green around the rocks lol! Well this is how i see it, i figured it was a dry highway to heaven baaahaaaa!!! No for real i am freaking BLIND and didn't realised there was meant to be GREEN on there.I saw it like the edge of a mountain?? Well when i realised i had messed up it was too late.Now i know for next time :)
My copic colors for the technique are
BV04,BV11,BV23,B02,B000,BG10,O,Warm 9

I have a few pictures to share with you on the day after our blizzard.As you can see the girls were a bit shock to see how high the snow was. That's Krystalyn my 14 yo teen, Lauren on the left my 5yo and Sophie my 2yo baby.

Sophie couldn't move she was scared and more than anything stuck lol!

The snow came up to the third step so their up high lol!

Sidewalk still wasn't cleaned only the driveway coming out.That could give you a better visual of the amount of snow :)

and Lauren rolling on the snow.

Ok that's all for now and stay tuned tomorrow for my Stamp with Fun post :) Don't forget to visit the most talented group of coloring artist out there to pick up some of their techniques and tips.

Thank you friends for all the wonderful comments.I really enjoy reading them lol! Enjoy the weekend,RubyM:)


  1. Hi Ruby,
    wow this is amazing.
    I just love the way you have coloured the images, wow the stairs to heaven is just amazing, so magical.
    I just love it, look like in my dream, lol.
    Gorgeous work dear.
    Your girls are adorable.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow, Ruby.....that's a LOT OF SNOW!!!!!
    Don't fret, spring is just around the dog is shedding!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!
    Hon, I just looooove your did an incredible job coloring this adorable scene!!!I'm seeing so many new stamps to love...omg!!!!

  3. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, what a gorgeous piece of art hun. And, who said there had to be green, this is craft world and we have purple birds if we want, so if you hadn't of said I'm sure no one would have noticed. Awesome work as usual!

    Wow, what a lot of snow. We would have ground to a hault here with that much. But, the girls look like they are having fun, with the exception of getting stuck. Keep warm.
    Hugs Tracy x

  4. Ruby, your coloring is brilliant girlfriend! Love what you've created for this challenge - such a lovely scene!

    Wow! Look at all that snow! Kids look like they had a blast though! My back hurts just thinking about shoveling all that! eek!

    Have a great weekend! hugs, Angela

  5. Damn girl...That card is stunning...and your coloring!! Just LOVE your card! Looks like you guys had so much fun in the snow!! Ours is finally starting to melt away!! =)

  6. Ruby, this card is amazing! I love your coloring! Thanks for sharing snow pics of your kids! It looks like they had a blast!


  7. Hey Ruby! Who says there has to be green? She's floating on a cloud so that must be a magical stairway in the sky! This is stunning hun!!!!

    As for the snow....eeek! I've never seen that much snow! Its never snows here so I feel like I'm deprived! LOL!

  8. Hello Ruby, it looks like MOntreal!!! the difference is we are used to this! Love your card. You did a wondeful job coloring this image, it looks real. I love love the sentiment so much. Amazing!
    Hugs. Danielle.

  9. Personally I love the fact there is no green whoever saw green in the stairway to heaven??? Think its a perfect colourchoice and amazing colouring as always.

    The snow looks great fun to play in but bet you will be glad when its gone!

    Hugs Beccy x

  10. Wow Ruby, your card is amazing!! I love your coloring!! It's so beautiful :) And what a funny pics :)
    Hugs Anneke

  11. Hey Rubes! I LOVED that you didn't use green. I thought it was so clever!! I just love the technique used on the cloud too. yummo!! MY GOSH I have NEVER seen snow like that! Your girls look adorable all rugged up like that and playing in the snow. Thanks for sharing pics into your life! hugs xxoo


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