Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Darlings #2 Favorite colour combo

Hi everybody.

I'm sorry that I just realised my posting should of gone up last night.I'm telling you I don't know where my head is at these past days.I logged in my puter and seen my teammies had theirs up and realised it's WEDNESDAY ALREADY!

Ok this is the deal with me these days.

SIGH....I'm feeling blue so so blue....

Two days ago my birdie was either stolen or got out of it's cage.The night prior I seen all his doors were locked.There was no way he could of opened it.The following morning I took him outside so he could enjoy the gorgeous day.When it was getting darker I decided to put him in.My heart dropped when I realised he wasn't in his cage and his door was open.My kids and I circled the neighborhood and kept ringing his toys hopefully he hear them and fly down.No sign of him nowhere.It started getting dark so I was hoping the next morning he would find his way back in his cage since I left it out.

When I woke up to check his cage there was nothing....

It finally hit me last night that I have lost him for ever and that's where I had to let it all out. My poor hubby was stuck hearing my weeping till the wee hours of the morning. Good thing he was told not to go to work because he got 1 or two hours of sleep lol!

Their was a tornado warning over here and so many towns lost power.Which explains my sobbing.I kept thinking my birdie(love bird named Ruby) was out there all alone and he was gonna dye! You all know how that goes....

I'm not feeling so happy but life goes on.This reminds me of a bad brake up lol! Out of know where I start balling when I start thinking if he's ok or WHERE IS HE!!??


I needed to get that out sorry guys lol!

In a brighter note it's time for Little Darlings Second Challenge.I need to thank everybody that played along with us on the first challenge.The entries were so much fun to visit.
This time around we want to see your favorite colour combo.

I'm showcasing Going for a ride and coloured with DI(Distress Inks)by Tim Holtz.I've been getting so many emails asking me what are DI, LOL!Which is surprising I thought everybody knew what DI's were and specially coming from our fave man Tim Holtz ,lol! Well some of us do say Reinkers which is the same thing because they are the reinkers to the stamp pads.Anyways you could find this cutie at Love to Stamp store along with some gorgeous goodies. Here is a closer look .Oh and the cat was just outlined with my cool copic C1. I hope you like my card and I'll see you around this coming weekend for a little something.Which I need to get going on it right away.Thanks for the visit and I can't wait to see your creations:)Ruby


  1. I´m so sorry to hear about your birdie =(
    Maybe he will come back when hungry if there is food in the cage? Always worth trying.
    Your card is gorgeous as always.

  2. i love what you've made's so pretty! all your embellishments make it super special!

    sorry about your birdie:( that's never know...we've had a pet rabbit in our yard for ages; seems he got away from an owner and has made our yard his home...maybe your bird will show up?...keep your head up!


  3. OMG, you poor girl.....I know what it's like to lose a pet! I was inconsolable!!!!! There is still hope for your bird!!!!
    Your card is, love it!

  4. Oh sweet,sweet Ruby!!! So sorry about your little birdie...=( Hope he returns home safely!! Love your sweetcard, so many lovely details! Take care hun! Hugs & sunshine!

  5. Oh Ruby girl, that dang turtle finally showed up and help your jail bird make a jail break! ;)

    Seriously though, I sooooo sorry and I hope he finds his way home to you.
    BIG {{hugs}} to you gf.

  6. oh yeah, nice card too girl! :)

  7. Denni he left me sniff sniff...

    Do you remember when we were joking how he got to me lmao!!! It was so funny and look at me now sobbing for my jail bird lol!

    My friend Denni here had a group of friends and I rolling crying on the floor with this inside joke of my bird and a turtle that were walking down the street.

    They both found their way home to me.
    OH and Yes, walking down the street lol!

    Denni your terrible lmbo!!!! Miss you ((muah))

  8. Woww Ruby you did it again dear! What a gorgeous card! Love your colouring and the details you have used!! Looks terrific all togheter!
    Big Hugs Kristel

  9. So beautiful card Ruby,I love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  10. Hi Ruby, I am so sorry to hear about your little bird. Hopefully another family has found him and he is safe.
    Your card is absolutely stunning. I love all the bits and baubles, such fun accessories and perfectly chosen.
    Can't believe I will see you in a few weeks. I can't wait to give you a big girlfriend hug!!!
    hugs, Diana in very hot Arizona

  11. Beautiful card, love the gorgeous image and the pretty papers look fabulous. Brill layout and lovely flowers too. Hugs Janine

  12. This is such a fun card design and I love those flowers!! The punches and gem swirls really add a lot to the card - gorgeous!


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