Sunday, July 24, 2011

CHA Happenings summer 2011

I suppose I could of done a slide show huh,lol!

Well here are a few pixs from CHA excluding one or two that came out blurry or with my eyes closed :(

My timmy and I pix came out bad, I must of blinked for a sec.

I couldn't dare ask for a retake he had ladies waiting like there was no tomorrow.He was one busy man and popular at that.

Anyways here we go

These are a few samples of the minis I was colouring over by the booth.The center one was done specially for a lady I'll bring it up again at the very end.

Copic booth

Here I have Marianne Walker doing a siggie for me of course for my friend ZOE LOL! I had to get a pix otherwise Zoe might of thought I had signed it lol!
Marianne was more than thoughtful to do more than a siggie.Yup she coloured up an image really cute.I was joking around with Colleen that I didn't pay attention to the colours she used shucks!
The funny thing while Marianne was colouring away :)
Colleen pulls out a binder and opens it up.It was full of Make It Crafty images she was planning to use them for a class.Not just a regular class to what I heard ((SMILES))It must of been like 20 of them LOL!
Colleen was the SWEETEST lady omg how adorable was she.
I like her she was too sweet :)**********************************
Magnolia Sweden booth
I wonder who did these lovely cards here ↓My friend Mary :) So funny how we met.(((waving))HI MARY HUN!
OH BTW It's on!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
This is a dark picture because I was in a hurry to get to work.This is the entrance and the first thing you see is this GORGEOUS tree at DCWV
Martha Stewart boothpictures don't do justice to all the sparkly creations!
I just realised I'm missing more pixs oh well lol! I had more pictures of these amazing dresses made from Mulberry paper,disposable garbage bags and all these out of the ordinary supplies. Prima booth


I only got one because I didn't take off my shirt, baaaahaaa sorry guys inside joke lol!

I managed to get one picture from them.Did you know they have a 14yo teen BOY(DREW).Which I believe his bday is either today or sometime this week?

Happy Bday just in case!((smiles))

I had lunch with him and my pals Cindy and my crazy friend Nancy.

That Nancy is crazy!!!!!!! LOL!


Here are a few pixs at the MINI Magnolia booth

My shirt is all sticking out I look prego don't I? lol!

Mary and I :)

some eye candy

Patti Jo !!!!!!! LOOK EVERYONE Patti lol!!! oh she is the sweetest lady EVAR! Had me rolling too.I got some of her creations ((doing happy dance))

Suzanne,Sheila,Roy,Patti Jo

Angie (Scrap Girl) and I.This lady is hilarious ....OH EM GEE! Angie I had so much fun specially when we were goofing around!!! I think it was all the time :)

Patti Jo and I.We were just a chatterbox together :)

This is a view of the booth in front of us which is Art Impressions.
Their images are ubber adorable and guess what I made friends with the Artist:)

My mini Maggie in the sunrise up on top was done just for her.I used some of her grass watercolor stamps that she has.Their pretty cool the way they work.You create a scenery with layering small images.You could always change them up.Well i borrowed a small grass stamp to stand a Maggie on it. In exchange she did a demo for me of her stamp line and guess what I got her sample and yes she did sign it :)


  1. Oooooooooo Ruby! look at you! So nice to put a face to the 'girl behind the talent'. LOL! Great pictures. I saw some at Suzanne's blog yesterday and was like OMG THAT'S MY GIRL RUBY!! Love it! Looks like so much fun. You MUST MUST MUST tell me more of the CHA stuff. Can 'anyone' go and snoop around or is it for vendors only. I'd sooooooooo make a trip to see so many wonderful blogger IRL!! LOL Your sunset Tilda is BBBBYOOTIFUL! Glad you had a great time!

  2. This looks so wonderful, it must have been great to have been there!!
    Hugs Kristel

  3. OOh ruby, your colorwork is really amazing!!!! And what a great pics :)
    Hugs Anneke

  4. What a dream, Ruby!!! It seems you had an amazing time at CHA, thank you for sharing all your pics! And your Sunrise Tilda is WOW WOW WOW, and the other two are too:-)!!! Big hugs
    Delphine xx

  5. YOU were just the sweetest!!! I am so thrilled I got to meet you at CHA... and thank you so much for the sample paper... YUMMY!


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