Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm BAAAAACK!!! CHA was an absolute experience!

Hey I'm baaaaaack!!! OH so much to share so much to tell!!!

I had the best time EVAR! The Mini Magnolia team were a hoot to work with.We laughed so hard and even times we teared from laughter. ((((SHHHHHH Angie))))!!!!!!!!!!!

I met so many people...WOOOOOW! I didn't get to too many pictures but I'll share the little that I got.First things first,I need to work on my DT duties immediately.

I'll then organise my candy that I have planned.

I DIDN'T DISSAPOINT PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!Look out for that so in the meanwhile let me clear my work area to create and catch up with household boring stuff LOL!

Miss ya sooooooooooo much!


Those who know Patti Jo lol! GUESS WHAT SHE HAS A FACE LOL!!!! (she has flowers as her profile picture on her blog)


  1. Great to hear you had so much fun Ruby!!
    Hugs Kristel

  2. Thanks a lot Ruby!!! Now everyone will know WHY I don't put a picture on my blog!!! You know you can't show any pictures of me though, because I didn't sign a release!!! :) It was so fun to meet you! You are as sweet and adorable as your enthusiasm!!!! Your coloring is amazing to watch you do and I love my card!!! Big Hugs!!!


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