Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Outdoors this one is not mine :)

HI everybody! My minnie me (Lauren) wanted to share her card she created a few days ago. First thing she told me this morning was she was mad at me because I made her miss the deadline.

YIKES!! I froze and rushed to see if there was still time.You see she wanted to participate in the 

the theme is outdoors.

so of course she reached for my things :)
Marci with Bunny has blue ears because I think she thought those are earrings :)
and she decided to colour her dress just like her Easter Dress.

UMMMM correction baaahaaaaaa!! I just got yelled at again lol! that she is 6yo not 5 UGH!!!!!!

OMG If you guys could see this little one breathing on my neck now lol!!
I think she is a little minnie me. From crafting and just personality wise she is all me lol!

this is her this morning in her pj's :) 

Well I hope you like her card as she put so much thought into it and she's already planning on her next creation.

Lauren and Ruby


  1. Lauren, your card is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! And you are very pretty too!


  2. Lauren what a fantastic card you have coloured her so well and I love the earrings xxx

  3. wow lauren this card is so pretty,what a star you are ~just like mummy!!! oh ruby you must be very proud at having such a creative daughter!
    vanessa xx

  4. Mae,Vanessa and Victoria I wanted to THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for taking away from what you were doing to leave a comment for my little one.This truly means so much to me.Last night she was a bit heart broken that she wasn't getting messages :(

    I explained to her that it's the weekend and messages do come with time so to be patient lol! but you know the kiddos could get impatient lol!.

    she has me checking every little while lol!!!! but I just wanted to say THANK YOU again your all too sweet :)


  5. yes, Lauren is a minnie you, Ruby!

    Lauren, the card is adorable, I especially like the butterflies and the beautiful dress! The rainbow is a nice idea between those clouds!
    Hugs, Alina

  6. Hi Lauren!:)
    This card is so cute! I love the pretty blue butterflies against the pink polka dotted dp. Thanks for playin'.


  7. Hello Lauren dear!
    Wow! What a beautiful card you have made. The colors are so gorgeous. I love how you made the sun and rainbow but love the butterflies most of all. I think you are going to be just as good as Mommy with your coloring as I can see that you didn't go out of the lines. That shows that you are a real artist. Clever girl.
    Hugs Maz

  8. You did a fabulous job with this card Lauren. Coloured beautifully and a bright shiny sun and rainbow. Just what we need right now here in cold Scotland.
    Well done sweetie:)
    Anne x

  9. Love that your daughter likes to play along with you Ruby! My son is 10 and he makes more cards than I do! lol. Tell Lauren that her card is stunning and that we are all looking forward to seeing more of her cards! ;)


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