Monday, May 21, 2012

Playing Like A Champion!!!!!

Where there's a will there's a way lol!!!

Hey guys welcome  and I'm so happy to say I'm baaaack lol!!!

Oh I miss my DT sistas from all my teams sigh...I feel so bad that couple of my projects didn't get to participate on challenges and in special events but LOTS more will come and I'll get a chance to play this time.

Anyways welcome to the monthly Magnolia-licious Blog Hop, whoot  whoot!
If your coming from my talented friend Janiel than you're right on :)

We have a gorgeous line up with so much eye candy so if you want to play along. You could start at the Magnolia-licious Highlities blog

I hope you like what I created :)

Honestly it just reminded me of my oldest little one...sigh...Oh did she get a beaten this year. You see many of her teammies from her High School soccer team had injuries or there was always something wrong with one of them lol! (poor team) LOL!

so the team was either short or had no bench for subs. My baby started the season on top playing foward then was moved to center Mid and from there GOALIE!!!! Ummm yeah GOALIE!!!!LOL!!

I know she is a good athlete and all but I felt sooo sooo bad for her. The last game she played was...goalie and to tell you the final score was 8-0 :(

BUT let me tell you how BEYOND PROUD we, the fans,the other teams COACHES and other parents were of her. 
I mean she flew, she dove, she slapped(accidentally) but she gave it her all!!!

I know she wanted to  play her last game as her position but she took one for the team as their TWO goalies were out for the season due to injuries sigh.... 

I am very proud of her and what actually cheered her up on her last game. Was all the motivational comments she was getting from the opposite team!!! 

At one point my husband was close to a group of people and they so happen to be talking about Krystalyn (DD) that if It weren't for the goalie  the score would of been crazy high and also how good she was playing!!! 
My husband turned and said that's my daughter with a big smile lol! He explained to them that it was her very first time at goalie and  boy were they in denial of the whole ordeal, lol!


Ok enough of my waffling ... sorry guys just a proud mama right now.

You could say Krystalyn inspired me with my card today even though it's not for her lol! she doesn't take care of my cards so she'll get a tag later on for her duffle bag,shhhh :)

Here are a few pixs of my card and I'm adding a few pixs of Krystalyn's last game too :)

lol! Shoes inspired by DD'S shoes too lol!

You could find all these stamps available now at the Magnolia-licious store.

I used
#544 Goal Background and since I didn't have soccer Edwin which would of gone great! Instead I used #275 Tilda with Lace Jeans from Butterfly Dreams 2011 Collection. 
I know she's not ready but she was invited unexpectedly and couldn't resist :) poor angel is awfully tired.
Now for just a few pictures of her playing goalie

 and that would be her on the floor with the yellow shirt
 her kicking it out
and she's getting ready for a corner kick

I had more pictures but I have them on her cell phone sorry guys lol! Anyways that's enough of my waffling and I held you hostage here more than enough :)

I hope you like my card and perhaps give you some ideas how to use the Winner takes All 2011 Collection.

Ok now it's time to jump on my friend Cabio's blog and get a hold of what this smarty pants did lol!


  1. Your card is so much fun Ruby. The DP is so very cute and perfect for the soccer theme and love your beautiful coloring on the Tilda images :o)

  2. Oh Ruby!!! THis scene is AMAZING! Love love love your coloring! So beatuiful. I can understand why you're proud of your daughter! Thats the good thing about sports- lots of lessons to be learned about life:)
    Thank you for great inspiration.
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  3. Love your card, Ruby! And-great post!!

  4. Oh, what a totally fun card this is! Such a fabulous scene you've created on the soccer field. Love the pics of your daughter playing soccer as well. Your color is amazing as always! Hugs...Barb <><

  5. Ruby, I am dying over here. First and foremost, the card is awesome as usual. I love it but second, no way, no way, no way do you have a daughter that old.. Your profile picture is you right? You look like your are the one in high school. OMG. Are you kidding me? You could not possibly have a child that is not a toddler..Third, I am laughing so hard because both of my daughters decided to play soccer for the very first time. Now remember that one of them is 34 and one is 35 (yes I know, I am REALLY old) but they have never player, did not know rules, etc. My one daughter is ike your daughter..Awesome athlete (always has been) and she too had to play goalie because of injuries and she too was awesome at it buy the compliments of the other teams. I can't believe what you wrote as I would of honestly thought you were talking about my daughter. It is so ironic...... Anyhow, love the card and you too...

  6. Way to go Krystalyn!!! Love, love your card Ruby! Always beautiful coloring!

  7. Fab coloring, of course, but your layout is soooo creative!!! Wonderful job Ruby Dear!!! Congrats to your daughter for her perseverance! And I'm getting a kick out of Sharman questioning that you have a daughter that age! Yes people, Ruby DOES look like she is still in high school!!!! A cutie and fun to be around too!!!

  8. What a fun card. Love the bright colours.

  9. What a gorgeous card Ruby.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  10. Your soccer card is fabulous, so fun. Your layout design is super. Super fun card Ruby.
    Blessings, Doreen

  11. You have every right to be a proud Mama!!!!!
    Your card is PHENOMENAL...your coloring is drop-dead GORGEOUS, Ruby!!!! You are just an amazing artist, a bundle of creativity!!!!!

  12. Your card is SO COOL! Your coloring is awesome and I love the layout of it.

    ♥ Laura C.

  13. Hey chicklette!!! Fab card and coloring as always! Love the pics of your daughter! You're blog is always so much fun to visit and to read all your wonderful stories!
    hugs, Sharon

  14. Stunning work as always Rubes - glad to see you're back online again!

  15. Love this the use of 2 images!!

  16. A beautiful card! This bright and cheerful! Good luck to your daughter!

  17. You gotta be a proud Momma! And even more when they are not on the winning side and still come out of the game being such a big sport. My son (5yrs old) just started playing soccer and oh man his team always looses...he doesn't mind much yet.

    You know I love your coloring and this is no exception!


  18. Very cute card...the bright green really makes it pop! Hugs! Leah Ann

  19. I love this card. Soccer is my favorite sport.Your coloring is amazing. I would love to know how you learned to do the shading and everything. Please email me at and give me some tips. Thanks so much. Great job!

  20. Very cute and thank you for sharing the story and the photographs too!

  21. Really like your card. Its very nice :)

  22. What a beautiful card!! I love all the details. Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  23. Gorgeous card, love your embellishments, perfectly coloured, hugs, Sarah x


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