Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hollywood Movie Premier Night!

Flashing Lights.....HOLLYWOOD MOVIE Premier!!!!

Welcome to the Make It Crafty and simply Betty collaboration of a Hollywood theme image release. The two organizations have brought a variety of versatile images and that brilliantly work together so nicely.

This is Day Two of the Hop but if you're just hearing about it then come on with it but you have to start at my wonderful team mate Barbara's blog HERE.

Our 2nd Day starts today and the first person in line would be Suzi so if you came from her site then your right on.

O so now this is what I created to share and you know at a Hollywood Movie Premier it's SO GLAM!

I have no idea what movie is premiering but it looks to me it could be, "Man in Black III" will go.

evidently this is my friend Colleen LOL! The cute hair is there and that's why I gave her some light blonde brown hair (wink wink)
Though I highly think she dresses cuter :)

Everything has been coloured with copics.

My Hollywood scene has a variety of merged images and they are
and I threw in some Laser chipboard Gears Galore to give it a film camera mimic :)
and from

Not much of embellishment because sceneries are mainly the focus right.


Now for some candy!
You want to win some free images. All you have to do is leave a comment on all the designers posts. Their will be four winners each day receiving surprise character with matching background.

To make things easy piecy here is the list of all the designers participating on DAY 2 HOP.

Oh but the fun doesn't stop here

To make things juicier we have something else up our sleeves.
ON June 3rd we'll be having our Movie guessing game.If you guess 6 out 12 movies correctly then that will get you a chance at the GRAND PRIZE!!!!

What's the GRAND PRIZE you say????!!!

How about this for some candy......

 DVD Movie of your choice 
PLUS the whole collection of MIC & SBS digi stamp Hollywood release images.
Second Prize
The whole collection of MIC & SBS digi stamp Hollywood release!
but if you just wish to get started on the coloring well than wait no more.
 Betty and Zoe are offering you 25% off
their Hollywood collections between June 1st and June 3rd!

Well folks I hope you like what I've created and I'll be looking out for all the awesome creations to be done with these awesome images.

OK OFF TO MY BESTIE FRIEND Delphine ..... uuhhh can't wait to see what she's done!

Thanks for the loving comments and enjoy the weekend :)


I seemed to be getting many nice comments and a few emails in regards to my image merging(smiles)

I want to say it's truly very easy.
Here are the first videos I personally watched and has helped me achieved the merging technique.

This is a video from my friend Debbie 

Using Paint.Net which is the first software I used since downloading it was free.

Then my laptop broke and got myself a new computer and since it already had word on it.
I decided to learn how to do it on that and this is the video by my friend and boss lady Zoe.

Both videos are easy and fun to follow so go for it!

I also wanted to let you know that MIC Club house and Store Blog has many demos, tips and tricks that you will find useful as we have a variety of talented artist sharing their coloring mad skills and crafting wisdom with us all.

All righty thank you for all the love.

I have  smile from ear to ear, THANK YOU!


  1. This is so vibrant and detailed! Wow I really love it .... you must be so proud.

    xoxox Carly

  2. Your card is so beautiful. I love it!
    Hugs, Uta

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  4. I love how you have combined so many images in the one picture. Great job and I love the colouring.

  5. Ruby, I am not even going to comment on this card. You are just too talented for me!!!!!!!!No really, I am so stunned with everything that you do. This is totally awesome. I LOVE it..............

  6. Wow,Ruby! This is absolutely amazing! What a fabulous scene you created and your coloring is awesome! Love it!

  7. Fabulous....I thought it was that movie too! Love your incorporation of the multiple characters in is fab scene..great collaboration and amazing coloring.


  8. This is totally fabulous! Love all the merging!

  9. Fantabulous!!!! Love it, great job! =0)

  10. WOW!!! There's so much Fabulousness going on I don't even know where to start. Your coloring is amazing, I love the LO and Fabulous embellishments :)

  11. Holy crow! You really went to town! This is so incredible! Amazing job with your coloring, and your grouping of the images. It looks phenomenal!

  12. WOW....Ruby, this is amazing!!! You created the most fabulous scene incorporating all those stamps! I am totally blown away by this stunning work of art!

  13. Hi Ruby! WOW!!! Your coloring is amazing! It must have taken forever to create this!!! Fantastic! hugs Sandra

  14. Oh AWESOME, love your coloring and the pleats on her dress are FANTASTIC!!! Just LOVE the way you did your scene!

  15. This is so cool, you all do the most awesome work with these images. Thanks for working so hard for us! :)

  16. HOLY WOW! This is awesome, Ruby! I am in awe over the is so vivid! Beautifully done!


  17. The way you combined all these images & the great way you colored them just blows me away. truly terrific project

  18. Your card is unbelievable. So much fun and your coloring is amazing.


  19. Hi Ruby, brilliant scene, but there is a lot of colouring involved. It must have taken you hours to do, but what a result! Hugs, Frea

  20. Great combination of images. Love the gears!!

    It is a PremiereNight!!! with the Star's!!!
    Love it!!


  22. I adore that you have added so much to your card - it really draws the eye honey!!
    Each time you look there is more to see.. smiles..
    Truly inspiring!!xxx

  23. What a fun card! I love all the images and activity going on! Masterpiece!
    Big Hugs!

  24. WOW...what an AMAZING scene! I love all the coloring!

  25. Ruby, just amazing! How you get your colours so bright and vibrant is beyond me!! Great scene. xx

  26. Beautifully rich and detailed coloring! You've definitely brought this scene to life.


  27. I love it Ruby! It is great how you added the characters around the theater.


  28. Ruby ... I want to be you when I grow up :-) Fabulous!!

  29. What an amazing make, I love this!!!

  30. fabulous scene, your colouring is fab! Great new images and backgrounds. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a great weekend.

  31. Wowzers! I can't believe how many images you've used. The end result is completely fabulous!

  32. Wow Ruby! Fab work, your project are always special and your colouring stunning!

    Hugs, Franz.

  33. Awesome designing and merging the digi's. Beautifully colored - fabulous card!

  34. I too love the merging of the digis. Just fabulous!!

  35. wow! what a wonderful scene and amazing coloring very vibrant.


  36. WOW! Ruby this is simply amazing! It's beautiful! Stunning! Just amazing!!!

  37. This is totally fabulous Ruby! Fab colouring and the whole scene is just amazing! LOVE it! Hugs, Shannah xox

  38. WOW...the colouring is absolutely amazing...i just love the two images together...well 4 images really...very well done...tfs

  39. Brilliant :) Jude is just so cute and i love your cogs and star embellishments.
    Kate xxx

  40. Your did such an awesome job merging the images & your coloring is gorgeous. Great composition!

  41. Awesome card! Great job with all the images and the coloring!

  42. Awesome Rubes, I feel like I'm at the Movies, it really draws you in. Love that Red combo....
    Hugs Tracy x

  43. Wow I love this - the merge of images is brilliant! Great reds for the seats too and I love the extra people you colored in the background. :D Love how the finished project loos too - awesome! *Hugs

  44. Totally love what you have done!!!! Your scene is fantastic and I have to say Colleen looks amazing :-)!!! Gorgeous colours and colouring, totally Rubyesque:-)!!! BIG hugs Delphine xx


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