Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bikinis and Burgers whoot whoot whoot!

Hi guys I'm back and getting back in my creating/coloring roll. I've been coloring quite a few images and I'll soon be sharing as soon as I get a chance to do cards for them. My kids are all feeling much better although the husband is still dragging on his scrappy voice. The coughing has almost disappeared but I guess his voice needs much more resting then he has given it. (You know what I'm thinking right lol) but it's looking good here. 

So we're at the end of May already wow! CHA is around the corner which I've been working on a couple of projects for some of my DT'S. I have a few more to go but can you believe it were hitting JUNE!!! Well my bday is coming up and you know I have to run some yummy candy. I'll be working on that ASAP. I'm going to make things interesting this time and give away some of my cards, candy and we'll see what else through random numbers to spread the love :) So stay tune for that.

Ok so on to my posting :) I have a fun, bright card to share and it's for the 
new challenge over Saturated Canary blog
The theme is Hair that is different.

 I myself gave SC Bikini and Burgers a bright fuchsia pink color. I used my spectrum Noir markers mixing some BP and some of the DR's.
I'm having a hard time writing down recipe because I'm coloring super fast lol! I have lots to catch up since the step back while my family was sick.
If your interested in the SN recipe send me a shout and I'll figure it out but I clearly remember it was the BP, DR, CR and BT pens.
My girlie is from SC and her name is Bikini and Burgers, one of the newest images, Krista has just added a few new other images to the shop and they are so SWEEET! I need to find time to color them all. Check out the shop HERE.
A few pictures to share

I did the gingham fabric flowers with some left  over fabric I had in my stash. I hope you get to see the highlights on her body skin. Have you guys noticed I always leave some highlights on my images cheeks. I have a habit of doing that. I guess I like to give them some makeup contouring, bahaaa is that the right makeup term?? 
Well that's it for me and for my friends in the US. Enjoy the Memorial weekend and HEY what a perfect image for the celebration lol! I swear I didn't plan that to happen like that but I'm happy I picked her to share today :)

Time to hit the flan I made last night :)



  1. love the hair, this is gorgeous x

  2. How fun!! Totally amazing card!

  3. Perfect card for the holiday weekend cookout! Love the saucy image and your gingham flowers are brilliant, my friend!
    Outstanding coloring and design, as always!

  4. What a gorgeous card Ruby.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Great card once again, Ruby!
    Absolutely gorgeous colouring -especially of her body!!
    Glad to hear your family is better 😊
    Hugs, Candy

  6. See the highlights women she is shining off the card, your coloring is WOW FABULOUS... The gingham flowers are so kool, the layout is wonderful.. So glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Can't wait to see the others you have been coloring, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day..

  7. Wow Wow Wow her hair is amazing swoon xxx


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