Thursday, November 14, 2013

Melissa's Balloon muscle definition for MIC


Guess what MIC challenge blog has a very fun exciting theme.This time as you know you have the option of playing an easy challenge which is using skin tone colors you usually DON'T use and the harder one for some is defining bone and muscle structure.
I actually have the tendency to do this to many of my images. Well I try lol! but I have to say I might of picked the wrong image to do this one lol! Ok can you say "Orphan" much lol! (crazy good movie)
I colored MIC Melissa's balloon and as you can see she seems a little over the edge as is and I enhanced her muscles......... baaahaaaa  ummmm yeah ...... I wouldn't get close to her. I think what helped tone her down was those chubby cheeks me thinks.
I hope I give you some inspiration and ideas how to enhance bone structure or muscles like Melissa :) If you wish to give this challenge a try I say print on a regular copy paper and use a pencil to pick your shades and enhance slowly. Then take your result and transfer your idea  with your markers to your good paper. That will help you as a guide and make things much smoother for you. Remember
 keep it fun and don't give up :)
I hope you like my card and for more inspiration please visit my gal pal teammies for exquisite inspiration over the challenge blog HERE.
Copic recipe down below :)
 It was my Lauren's bday on Monday 11-11-13 uhhh  just realized she was one day off for the crazy number people were trying to get married on. 11-12-13.
This was just a small cake we bought her since her party is in the works. I LOVE the picture were she's covering her smile LMBO! she has never done that before so I think it was cute. I think she was on cloud 9 because we were all singing to her.
I did her a quick crown so she could take to school since she was giving away cream puffs to the teachers and cupcakes to her class. I wanted her to wear a special bday crown.

The name was cut in different pink tones but the camera kept picking up red.

I should of taken the picture before she left to school but I forgot. When she came back home it was a bit beat up by then lol! Oh well sigh...... lol!
Well thanks for stopping by my corner and appreciate your comments
Sweet kisses

MIC blending paper
Copic Recipe
Lips: E04,R29


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