Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spread Your Wings

Inspiration Post with SaborPapel and our theme is Earth Day so if you could recycle something and use it in a crafty way this month.

OK So ..... I panic lol! I said ...How can I incorporate Earth Day into my cards... I wanted to do something Earthy and Naturey... I know those are not real words but that's how I roll :P

Anyways SO I knew I wanted to color Wings from LDRS Creative DollHouse Rubber stamp.

I thought how about I pick some twigs from outside floor and use them as embellishments.

 A few twigs did the job the skinnier the better. I painted them black , let them dry and ten sprayed Easy Tack and sprinkled some fine sparkling snow glitter to seal the deal.
Now I created some sparkly twigs to sit my little girl in a magical scene.

I started with SaborPapel base background using Amor Ramitos Flower side and started layering from there.
LDRS Creative Dies behind Wings using Gilded Doily Die.

Wings is colored with watercoloring pencils thank you so much my SaborPapel sponsors. I really enjoyed using them.

I used SaborPapel Fiesta the orange side to create handmade flowers

and added moss underneath Wings for a dimensional effect.I really enjoyed the outcome of the twig project. I'm positive I'll be doing this again.

I hope this creation gets you in a fun spring or summer vibe and gives you ideas to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!

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  1. It's very beautiful and gives me a sense of peace from the outdoors


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