Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABC CHALLENGE O is for.....

Morning peeps! Well it's time for another challenge at , ABC CHALLENGE.
Well the letter this time is for O for OVAL!!!!!! Now how easy peacy is that! So no excuses it's time to play with us lol! I decided to do a gift set and alter a candle.The candle was just siting there alone looking at me.Ok i was planning to redo the pictures because some came out blurry but when i woke up this morning.I realised my hubby took the set to work because i think his boss wanted to give a small gift to his GF. So i didn't have a chance to retake :(

Sorry for the blurry pictures and poor quality on the color.Brace yourself i took many pictures lol!!!!

Oh btw i sprayed the whole card and candle with Tattered Angels Irisdescent Gold. I used Tilda with Big Ribbon that i got a Diana's store,"Magnolia-licious".

NOW!!!!!!!! I wanted to share with you what my 2yo was doing while i was doing this set! I thought she was working on a project.I saw she had a coloring book,crayons,glue stick and kid scissors.I saw her sitting down with her back towards me.It looked like she was really in concentration mode.I got up and went in my room to watch something and my 5yo ,Lauren YELLS! ,"Mom sophie is cutting her hair"!! I didn't jump up because my dd is known to jump into things lol!

Well then she went to the room with a hand full of hair.I jumped up to go check on the after math. I must be very intimidating i heard her tell her older sister ,"she's going to get me"!! and literrally threw herself under my son's bed!!! I have to admit i laughed when i heard her say that.I have never heard her say those words in a complete sentence lol! I pulled her out and the front of her hair was chopped in layers.I wanted to laugh,cry and the look on her face.I knew she was sorry lol!!!!! I had to hide every single pair of scissors in the house.EVEN MINE!! SIGH...... I guess she gave herself her first hair cut.Oh yeah through out the day i kept finding more strands of hair hidding in corners of the house.I think she hid and chopped some off and went to another corner.((shaking head))

By far my 2yo has broken the record with mischievious stories of them all.The worst is at the end of the day she is sleeping next to me .Oh sweet talking and kissing me.That little girl is SOMETHING ELSE LOL!!!!!!!!Thanks for reading and hearing me vent lol!! I tend to do that now and then:)

OH OH one more thing i promise is short....

I wanted to help my friend pass the word on her journey she has taken and trying to achieve.Pamela is a sincere person and trustworthy.Pamela is participating in the ,"Race for a Cure" she needs all the help she can get.I will greatly appreciate if you take a peek in her blog for all the details.I thank you soooooooooooooo much and Pamela does too.

Pamela wishing you luck and can't wait to hear more on this journey:)


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  1. At Simon Says Stamp the colors are coffee & cream and this is a dream to fit there!! Super wonderful creations Ruby! Another 'homerun'---LOL----shuddup---It is absolutely stunning! Great coloring and a wonderful gift to be recieved! I thought for sure you were going to show a pic of your daughter's hair....on her head!!! LOL....poor girl! She was sidetacking you with the whole coloring book & glue trick! ROTF.........I LOVE IT! Thankfully my daugher never did that, but I still have 2 boys that are driving me bonkers so there's still hope! I am off to check out your friends link now! BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!! I should of taken a picture of her under the bed hidding lol!!!!!!! Yup she did fool me lol!!!!!Thanks Cor for stopping by my friends blog sooo appreciated THANK YOU!!!!Ruby♥

  3. Your project is beautiful Ruby. Love the colors! OMG, I was lol. She cut her hair and is hiding under the bed. So funny!!

  4. aivan ihana tämä sinun settisi --kaunis-kaunis ja hauska tarina tyttärestäsi

  5. hahaha I really thought will se the picture of her :)
    ohhh Well I did the same when I was kido :)
    Such a great candle Ruby, very precious.

  6. Hahahhaha I tell you little ones can get themselves into some kinda trouble huh! Big ones can too though! I always have to go check on mine when they get quiet..especially that little girl of mine...bc she is NEVER quiet!! Love your card and candle. Tilda is beautifully colored!!
    Tracy V

  7. What rich colors you've used on your projects!!! BEAUTIFUL work Ruby!!! Love this Tilda!!! Don't you just love kids creativity? At least hair grows back and it is another tale to bring up to her later in life!!!

  8. Hello Ruby... LOL, could not help laughing while imagining you and daughter...
    Your whole project is wonderful! Love Tilda, her long hair and bow makes me dream: I had very short hair as a kid! Your colors are wonderful, rich and warm. Love your choice of papers too.
    Hugs. D.

  9. Hi Ruby!
    Love your creations. super sweet. Gorgeous colors. I like how you did that color around it for the shadow. Great job on the candle.
    I think your daughter may want to be a hairdresser when she gets older. I cut a girls hair at school once. I thought I was a hairdresser.
    Hugs Maz

  10. WOW!!! Your creations are above stunning,amazing...Just Love everything about them!!!
    And on your daughter adventures... *LMAO* Sorry...moahahaaa... I have had that same experience a few times...and waiting for my youngest to do it too..... kids.... =)

  11. Ooh Ruby, what a story :) I can well imagine it :) Such a cute little girl but so naughty!Ooh I'ts such a nice story to read, but can imagine that you were angry and yet together amused! LOL! Your candle is really amazing and your card soo beautiful!! Hugs Anneke

  12. Simply gorgeous! Your card is amazing, I love how the real ribbon compliments the ribbon in Tilda's hair. Amazing coloring!

    Now, onto your story about your 2 yo! How funny is that?? I have a 3yo who is the exact same way!! She is always getting into mischief! I had to hid all of my scissors too, not because she was cutting her hair, because she liked to cut all of her clothes! LOL!

    Lisa A

  13. HAHAHAHAHA.....too funny! She is just being a normal 2-year old! One good grows back!
    OMG, RUBY!!!! This gift set is drop-dead GORGEOUS....NO WONDER your hubby wanted to take it to his boss (lucky girfriend!)
    Tilda is MAGNIFICENT and the flower arrangements are phenomenal. Your work is AMAZING, Ruby!

  14. What a beautiful card Ruby and that candle is awesome!!!! Love the colors you chose too! Your little tidbit on your 2 yo is soooo funny! I remember those days well Lol!!
    Judy K.

  15. AWESOME gift set, Ruby! You've done it again! The card and candle are beautifully colored! It's no wonder your husband took it to work for his boss to give it as a gift for his GF. You can't find something this gorgeous in any store!
    Hugs, Cami

  16. wow....a beautifulcard, I love the big ribbon, lol.
    Hugs Renate

  17. WOWSERS what a stunning creation. Love how you have not only coloured Tilda so beautifully but you have managed to make her look goregous more than once and you would think it was a printed pic! Stunning.

    As for your naughty little girl and her hair tsk, tsk, but I can beat that. When I was about 6 I went to stay at my Granma's house. I had hair so long I could sit on it. 'Nanna Mummy says I can have my hair cut, will you take me please?'. So off we trot to a quite expensive hairdressers for my first ever 'do'. In those days it was highly unlikely you would have a phone and Gran and Mum used to have contact by letter only unless one or the other visited so there had been no way for Gran to check what I said. When my poor Mum arrived at the end of the week to collect me she nearly fainted on the spot as my well over two foot long hair was now a very boyish short back and sides! I don't think my Gran ever believed another word I said!

    Am looking forward to working with you at ABC.

    Lin xx

  18. Funny incident Ruby. This reminds me that my niece shaved off one of her eye brow when she was younger. Now she is 19 with both of her brows, lol
    Your project is gorgeous. Love the festive coloring and the beautiful oval take on of the challenge :o)

  19. Oh Ruby! Your daughter and my youngest should get together! We found strands of hair in the corner of my craft room and Izzy swore they were Grace' there husband and I go, clinging to the strands of hair trying to match them to the correct child. Turns out they were Izzy's...she has some interesting layers in her hair too! ;D
    Beautiful card...your husband's boss's girlfriend (gee, that was a lesson in possessions!) will LOOOOVE it and think she has the best boyfriend ever! Hope your wonderful hubby gets a raise over this masterpiece! ;D

  20. This is soooo beautiful, the ribbon is gorgeous, the colors are perfect LOVE IT! Now I'm still rolling on the floor laughing, sorry, can't help it, she sounds like my great nieces. These little ones are too smart for their own good. Now for stories, my nieces when they were little, got into the Crisco grease! They rubbed it all over them like it was suntan lotion, on my sister's new kitchen carpet. She was so mad, and took the girls to get them a bath, well they were slip sliding all over the tub, and my sister frown turned upside down, and she laughed so hard becaue they were laughing and having a blast. My son had the longest eyelashes. Everyone kept telling him he had pretty eyes, of course he's brown hair and blue eyed. One day I was looking at him, and I thought he looked funny, then I noticed he had cut his top eyelashes, and he used fingernail clippers, and I said Jeremy! why in the world did you cut your eyelashes, he said, I'm tired of everyone telling me I have pretty eyes:o) He didn't cut the bottom ones, just the top and you could see each clipper mark, it's a wonder he didn't cut himself. He sure looked funny because his bottom eyelashes are longer than most women's top eyelashes!!! They keep you young, happy and laughing and well sometimes screaming when they become teenager's....Ha! Ha! More worry then!

  21. Oh Ruby, These are both stunning. Tilda looks so beautiful--your coloring is just awesome. Each thing you do is more beautiful than the other. Excellent job. Your story really made me laugh-could picture the whole thing.

  22. great piece of work here - sorry about little ones hair - I once cut off my fringe the day before a family wedding... my mother was mortified and I was in big trouble! Enjoy the rest of half term - not long now and they will be back at school

  23. Oh girl, I love love love this card and candle! But your daughter, now that's a'll love telling her this when she get older!

  24. truly beautiful. i looove the colors.i loooove the flowers, where did you get them or have you made them? hi, hi, how old is your daughter? i better hide my siccors before my 1 and a half year old gets them, She hasnt too much hair to cut off yet. that really made me laugh. hugs!

  25. LOL! Always something exciting going on at your house Ruby! ;)

    What an amazing set you have created here! Beautiful job on your card and your candle is wonderful! Just love your coloring!

    Have a great week! hugs, Angela

  26. OMGoodness I know what you are talking about
    I have two grown Daughters and mine did the
    same thing brings back old memories..LOL
    I love your card and candle they are beautiful.
    Hugs Linda

  27. Hi Ruby! I'm absolutely in stitches over your story of the hair cutting session! You are so brave to let a 2 YO have any kind of scissors! How hilarious. I wish you'd taken a picture of her hair cut!! Now that I'm running after 2 1/2 YO twins and a 5 year old I have a much deeper appreciation for your woes!!! Big hugs Mama!
    Now to your incredible set! This is so gorgeous and I love the colors you chose. How pretty! No wonder your hubby took off with it to work and what a special gift! You have such an eye for balance on your projects, the papers are perfect and the embellishments are fabulous! I haven't done a candle in years, maybe it's time I should give it a try again! Of course, nothing could compare with your superior workmanship! Beautiful work my friend!

  28. wow...what an absolutely stunning card..nuff said!! LOVED the haircut story..cherish these days as they go by tooooo fast! Glad u joined us at Copic Creations!

  29. Firstly, what a delightful story... I could just picture her shooting under the bed... how precious are our little one's at that age? You should have posted a pic...hahaha Now, your card and candle are absolutely STUNNING. Just love your colouring. hugs Sharon

  30. Stunning creations, great colouring and gorgeous detailing.
    The hair story - I'll just join the long queue of people who've been there............

    So glad you could join us at both Copic Creations and the Simon Says Stamp challenge and DT call,
    Heather xx

  31. lmao Ruby, reminds me of when I decided to cut my fringe when I was little, not something I'd like to repeat. Bless, you always have a story to tell, but life would certainly be boring without children, wouldn't it.

    Gorgeous set, love the colours, and stunning packaging on the candle hun, it's rubylicious!

    Hugs Tracy x

  32. Ruby, this is gorgeous. I love the candle. Cute story abour your daughters hair!

  33. Amazing work loved it the moment i saw it x

  34. Ruby, your work is amazing! he colours are beautiful, you colouring is top! Thanks for joining us at incy Wincy Designs, Good Luck, Hope to see you soon


  35. RUBY!!!! Oh girl!! What a day you had with your little one! I think all kids have to cut their hair at least once when they are little haha! I bet she is adorable, take lots of photos of her mischief and then give them to her on her wedding day! haha!
    Your card and candle are FANTASTIC!!! Really the card looks like it is glowing!! Love that look. The glimmer mist gave it a perfect touch! That big ole bow matches Tilda's perfectly, ah!! Cuteness!!!
    Have a wonderful day Ruby!

  36. Sweet niblets! lol Gorgeous project! Love the color palette. I came by the other day and am just now having a little time to write you a comment on your work of art! Love it.
    Blessings to you girlfriend,

  37. OMG, This is absolutely wonderful, I love it all, especially your fantastic colouring.
    I think most little ones have a go at cutting hair, my little girl cut her's 1 week before her very first school photo :0( She cut off her fringe right near the scalp. I managed to neaten it up a bit so she still looked gorgeous and oh so cute for her photo.
    If you want to stop by my blog I have a little something for you.
    Hugs Sue x

  38. Hello, I just came across your blog from another blog. I think your work is so beautiful and inspirational. I've added you to my blog roll :) Hugs- Angela

  39. O for Outstanding. I love the earthy colors and how well they set off each other. This set is stunning.

  40. Hey Ruby - well by now you know we are all wetting our pants laughing at your little girls hair cutting story - mostly because we have been there and done that!! Your project is absolutely gorgeous and anyone would be thrilled to be get such a wonderful gift. Nice art work!!!

  41. So fun reading about your day w/a creative 2 yr. old Ruby! Fabulous creations in your post today! Beautiful Tilda coloring!
    Pam Going Postal

  42. WOW!! This is the most gorgeous candle I have ever seen!!! AND the matching card is just as beautiful!!!! THANK you so much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp!

  43. Wowwww Ruby these are absolutely stunning dear! Love your work! Such nice colouring job!!
    Hope you are doing great!
    Hugs Kristel

  44. Oh Ruby! This is a beautiful set!!! Love everything about it!!!! Just gorgeous!!!
    How funny about Sophie!! Matthew did that, but to the DOG, too! Oh yeah, his hair and golden retriever hair all over the place! And of course, my son was all about how well Grandma watches him!!! Who would've thunk it??!! LOL!!!

  45. ROOOOOBEEEEEE - I MADE IT!!!! Apologies for not visiting for sooooo long - am trying my bestest to catch up on all of your GORGEOUS work!
    This is just an incredibly GORGEOUS creation - sooo worth a lock of hair - hahahaha. I hope you are seeing the funny side of it now - it's a pretty cute story ;)
    I PROMISE not to be soooo bad at visiting if you promise to keep making beautiful things for me to drool over (NOT a probelem for you my talented friend!)

  46. Wowzers! Theyre stunning and a half! Excellent, beautiful work!

    Thank You for joining in at Bearly Mine Challenges x

  47. Ruby I am sorry it has taken me so long to get over here and thank you for posting about the Race! I love you and miss you! I also want to thank your reader Cor for making a donation!
    As always your creations are breathtaking!

    I keep waiting for the day Isadora does the hair cut! It doesn't look like it was to bad!


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