Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ABC Challenge P is for......

Happy Wednesday I'm back not feeling so well.My migraines come and go but lately they been very strong.On Monday it was BAD REALLY BAD!!! I took so much meds but they weren't cutting it .I almost did go to he hospital because i couldn't take it any longer!!! My Lauren just kept going up to me to hug me and just starring at me because,yes i was tearing lol! My poor baby just kept starring and one time she said to me,"I feel so bad for you mom". The look she gave me was so heart warming and she was certainly concerned about me.My husband wasn't home so i was alone with the kids so that wasn't much help.I always have had migraine problems and they pretty much run in my family.My little sister told me she just got over a 6 day migraine marathon!!! I think I'm on my 4Th day today.I feel OK but just like light headed and tired.I worry though because my Lauren and my son Orlando have migraines too!!! I might have to bring this up on our next Dr.visit for them.
Sad news for my oldest daughter.I forgot to tell you that my daughter tried out for her school soccer team. Well the first day in try outs she got pulled out from the freshman team since she is a freshman. The coaches noticed she had a talent with the ball and placed her in the VARSITY team.The only freshman in the varsity team can you imagine lol!
((♫♪♪WHISTLING♪♪♫)) Ahem!! I wonder where she got that talent from lmbo!!!!!
Krystalyn has only played when she was a kiddo and stopped when she was @3 or 4yrs old.I guess the touch stood with her.Well anyways where i was going.Well i told you all I had to go to the DR. and the visit was for her.For over 2yrs she has been going back and forth to therapy and consults because of her knee.Keep in mind she had surgery on the right knee before for the same pain.After so much therapy and Medications with no good results.It has been decided that she needs to go through surgery again on her left knee this time :( That means soccer is out and she is just heart broken.Her knee just pops every time she takes a step and the popping is painful.The MRI's always come back normal so her specialist said it's time to try the surgery.I will probably be away from blog land for a while. Might come and post my cards but won't be visiting much.Will see how it goes and keeping fingers cross for a good result sigh....

Going to my card :) It's time for ABC challenge and the theme today is P for pearls.Our sponsor this week is Whiff of joy so you better get coloring because you know the prize is GOOOOOOD LOL!
My card will be going to a little girl named Haeli.I wanted to help spread the word and i beg you PLEASE help out.If anything at least spread the word i'm sure it will be a good outcome either way.
Heili is a little girl with ovarian cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.You could read the complete story at Pixie Cottage.I have no idea how i got there but I'm glad I did.
My husband lost his little brother to cancer in 1996. While my husband was mourning his brother i went into labor with my first child.The day his brother Orlando got buried my daughter Krystalyn was born.It was a very sad and yet happy day for the hubby.The crazy thing is the very next day from my daughter's birth.Orlando would of been 12yo just like Heili.(My son was named after him)Brings tears in my eyes to think another child has to go through this painful and ugly disease.I keep picturing his face in pain when it was time for his meds.Take a minute and read the story and hopefully you find it in your heart to help out.
Wishing you well Haeli and once you choose hope anything is possible((tight hugs))

close up of my Hanglar Stanglar Girl

copic recipe:
Shorts& lighter part of purse:Yooo,YG03,YG06

Just a few challenges i had in mind to enter when i started the card.
Just Magnolia Anything goes with an option of Glitter
Scrap-Creations going green
Bunny Zoe's Crafts Spring flowers everywhere
A Spoonful Of Sugar Vintage/Shabby
Ann's Creative Nook BRING ON THE GREEN!!



  1. Hi Hun!!! Sending BIG,BIG hugs to you and your family...Your poor daughter...she must be heartbroken!! Hope surgery goes weel and she has a speedy recovery!! Just love that card, and it's for such a great cause too! I'm heading off to read the story about her, and see how i can help! Cancer is a pain in the butt... I have/had it myself. Cervix cancer... I had surgery last april, and hopefully will be cancerfree by the next tests i have planed in april again! So true, that with Hope, you go a looong way!!! Blessings to you dear and your family!! hugs/Sari =)

  2. Hello Ruby, OMG... makes me sad to read you have been feeling under the weather, and sad for you daughter. Your card is adorable. Love the colors, and the richness of this big white bow. the bouquet of flowers is MAGNIFIQUE.
    Take care,Hugs. Danielle.

  3. OMG, Ruby, what a beautiful card and what a touching story.....will have to read all about Haeli! So sorry to read about your terrible migraines....have you tried acupuncture????
    Just a thought!
    Hope everything goes well with your daughter's surgery! I will be sending all kinds of good wishes your way!!!!! Love and hugs, Christina

  4. Hi Ruby,
    Your card is wonderful! Love it :)
    The colours are fabulous.
    Hope your feeling better :)
    Love, Mel.

  5. I just love your creations. Absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful colors and your coloration is out of this world! GREAT! Hugs Janine

  6. Aaaaaaaw Ruby - am sooo sorry you've been suffering - I know how debilitating migraines can be - and then the worry for your daughter too - you poor thing!!!
    Know I'm thinking of you - wish I could pop over and look after the kiddies so you could rest up - and then we could take your daughter out for a treat!
    Take care gorgeous - not sure HOW you managed to create such a fab card with all you have going on!

  7. OMWOrd. You certainly are talkative even with a migraine. Working at our local hospital I see people suffer with these....not me though! I feel for you and wish I was there to give you a shot in the butt that you are so lovingly laughing off in your post! And with no hubby help.....uh.....(I'm comin' over, put the coffee on). So happy to hear of your daughter's success yet saddened by her heartbreak. If she needs a card to lift her spirits....send me your address & I'll whip one up! I'm off to read that little girls story now, you always send me on these wild goose chases! So sad to hear of ANYONE suffering with cancer.....which is another thing we see alot of at our hospital. So very sad. Now let's talk about your card.............WOWZAS HOLY CRAP MAN! Gorgeous coloring, perfect pearls and a lovely large bow! She will love it! Take Care and rest up!

  8. How pretty! Love your coloring, cute stamp!

  9. Okay, Ruby! First of all, you poor thing with the migranes, have 'em... NO fun!!! Make SURE you let the doctor know about the family history!! And oh, how sad for your daughter, I remember when she started with the knee problems... I know it's heartbreaking for her now, but after surgery and rehab she should be good to go!! I will be keeping her in my prayers! The young can always recouperate so much better than us old folks! LOL!!
    Your card is just amazing and what a great reason for making it!!!!!
    Take care, lots of hugs!!

  10. Ruby, this is stunning. The flowers are amazing. I love the pearls. Hugs to your daughter.

  11. Wonderful colouring and such a lovely card! Thanks for sharing at Kaboodle Doodles this week. Jill

  12. oh ruby what an adorable card ~ so beautifully made!!
    sending all your family big, big hugs ~think you all need them right now!!
    vanessa xx

  13. HI Ruby,
    It sounds like things are not going to well right now, I'm so sorry. I hope things get better for your family soon. I just stopped by to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog. Hugs.

  14. This is so beautiful Ruby! Your card looks so romantic with those pretty flowers and yummy pearls! Love your sweet image - fantastic coloring my friend! You are the master!
    Hope your migraine passes soon hun. Sending you some healing hugs, Angela

  15. Your card is absolutely stunning!!
    I hope things get better for you and your family.
    Thanks for playing at Kaboodle Doodles and good luck!

  16. Here you go again Ruby, another stunning creation with jaw dropping coloring. Yes, it sure is a sad thing to learn about Haeli. I hope there will be a miracle. We just have to keep praying for the sun to shine over her!!

  17. I'm so very sorry about you and your family!! Hope things get better soon!!

    Your card here is so very stunning with the colors and layout!! I adore this!! Thanks for the love on my blog!! BIG HUGS

  18. This is so pretty! The green & white is striking. Thanks for playing with us at Going Grey with Scrap-Creations.

  19. sending love, first of all, 'cuz GOOD THINGS are gonna come for you. hope what the doc says is all wonderful news and things improve.

    and second, because holy aitch that's a fabby card, girlie. i LOVE the bow, and i'm always in awe of your colouring. you're a flippin' master when it comes to clustering the embellies (i totally struggle with that). love this.

    and third, you're just fabulous. :) i love watching your chatter in the MitC group - always entertaining and you have such a great sense of humour! i think we'd get along FAMOUSLY were we to meet in person!

  20. Oh Ruby, I'm so sorry to hear of your daughter's surgery & your migrain's... I too have them every once in awile & they are no fun so I can sympathize with you on that. Hopefully surgery will help your daughter's knee & she'll then be able to do all those wonderful things without pain.
    Also sad to know of another your person surfering from that dreaded Cancer ... My heart goes out to her.
    On a lighter note your card ia AMAZING & I am in awe of your beautiful coloring & super great flower arrangement. LOVE that darling little image.
    Hugs, Janie


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