Saturday, March 12, 2011

Make it Colourful with the kiddos this time!!!

Morning Peeps!!! I'm late because when i was writing this up yesterday i lost internet connection!!! Ends up our server was down so everything i had typed didn't saved.I had to start all over EEEEK!!!
Guess what it's time for a new challenge at Make it colourful and it's the kids turn whoohooo!!!! The theme is colouring with pink.
When i told my baby that she had to do a card for me the smile on her face was from ear to ear!
I might of told her like a week before she had to work on it to give her heads up.
IT WAS A LIFETIME WAIT FOR HER!!! Everyday," mom when am i going to start and what am i allowed to use from your stuff" LOL!!! (They can't get close to my crafting area ^=^ ) It was the best time of her life when she was working on her card ALONE AND IN PEACE!! I went to put the baby to sleep while she worked on her creation.I went back to check on her and PENELOPE'S leg and bottom of her hair were cut off LOL!!!!
Lauren's heart was broken because she thought she had ruined the whole card.I laughed and said just go to bed and when you come back from school you give it another try.The coloring on her first image was really good and the lipstick didn't really touch her nose! Just a bit over her lip ,lol!
This is Lauren and she is a future mini me lol!

Her coloring was done with two crayons and 3 prisma pencils.The already sparkly buttons were topped with fruit punch Stardust.The green MS punch leaves are trees IN THE BACKGROUND she says LOL!

That's a flower and a heart she drew.

Yeah she's going to love eye shadow make up for sure ,YIKES!

I hope you get your kiddos to join us and if your interested in Penelope from Make it Crafty.Just send a shout to Zoe at makeitcolourful DOT com.
I will be reading your comments to Lauren so any will be GREATLY APPRECIATED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
I have a few awards i collected whoohoo thank you! I am a lucky gal to be consider :)
I go the versatile blogger award from my new team mate from ABC CHALLENGE ,Kendra.
Thank you sweetness and I'm sorry i can't pass it forward. I have tooooooo many wonderful blogging friends that excluding some of them breaks my heart! I can't do it ah ah lol!
I was suppose to say 7 things about me ..... IDK what to say you all know i love OPRAH for the million time lmbo!
I know I'll say some stuff about my kids since they came from me and their part of me DUHHH LOL!
1.My baby Sophia cut her hair the other day.I showed you a picture :(
2.Sophia.Lauren and Orlando watch NAKED BROTHERS BAND 24/7 (A kids Nickelodeon show)
3.Krystalyn made the varsity soccer team for her high school and is the only freshman :)
4.Orlando got straight A this quarter whoot whoot!
6.I have one more to go
7. I tend to waffle sorry:)
I go this one from my buddie Lauren.Thank you Lauren hun, she always considers me.I will display it proudly THANK YOU BOTH!!!!

One more thing lol! My talented buddie ANGELA has 3 different stash of candy running right now.YUP !! Better run and read the details on her blog to try to get your hands on this licious candy.

That's all folks and i will c-ya tomorrow with another creation of mine.ENJOY THE WEEKEND EVERYBODY,Ruby


  1. So gorgeous card Ruby,I love the image and your papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  2. Wow Lauren, I am so impressed, your definitely following in your Mummy's footsteps. Gorgeous colouring, she looks so pretty, must be all that make-up and those flowers make it an all round Girly card. Beautiful. Hugs Tracy x

  3. wow looks like lauren is going to be just like her mummy and be a very talented crafter!! ..and love everything girly!!
    vanessa xx

  4. First of all...Wow Lauren!! Such a sweet card! Love that image and your coloring really good! Love the lipstick & eyesahaddow! The buttons with xtra glitter look sweet, but i LOVE the flower and heart you drew!! Your mum better watch out for you!!! "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Ruby!
    Hope your migrains are better hun! Take care! Oh, almost forgot to mention, what a sweetheart your daughter is...sooo beautiful!!! have a great day! hugs/sari

  5. Lauren, you are absolutely adorable and you look just like your mommy!

    You have made such a darling card sweetie! You are talented just like your fabulous mom. Beautiful coloring and I love all the pretty flowers!! I hope we get to see more of your cards! big hugs, Angela

  6. Awwww Lauren, you created such a beautiful card. No wonder your mummy is so proud of you. I love Penelope's purple eye-shadow. It matches her pink outfit just perfectly. And aren't you a clever one writing your name and drawing the most beautiful flower and heart! hugs sweetie xxoo

  7. Wow, Lauren!! What a very, very cool card!! No wonder Mommy is so proud of you!! I love the eyeshadow!!! And you decorated the inside of your card just right!! My favorite part is the heart and flower that you drew!!!! You should tell Mommy that you need your very own art space so you can make more wonderful cards!!!

  8. hi lauren! what a wonderful card you did. i loove pink and flowers. and you colored her so beautifully too.and i can see the trees far away in the background, what a brilliant ide of you. i bet mommy is so proud now. oh gotta say hi to her too. hi ruby! what a talanted daughter you have she looks and scraps just like you= stunning. have a wonderful evening you both. hugs

  9. Lauren: You did a fabulous job making your card and I love the layout and placement of all the embellishments. You coloring is fantastic and I love the eye shadow on Penelope! :D I'm so glad you gave it another go and such a wonderful project to show for it. ;D Super!

  10. How adorable this little cutie 'mini you' is! She did an awesome job! I can't even rememebr if I could color at her age lol;)) Anyways keep encouraging her work. She'll soon be the greatist artist around!
    Congrats on all your award, Ruby! You surely deserve them all!
    Hugs, Iulia

  11. Hi Ruby, what a story :) I love it!! And your daughters card is so beautiful!! I can believe that she was happy to use your stuff :) And she did a wonderfull job!! Hugs Anneke

  12. Way to go Lauren, Very sweet and pretty card honey.
    Hope Mama will allow you again to use her craft staff, you are doing such a great cards.

  13. oh my goodness, lauren! i adore your coloring and your entire card. she is just so pretty in pink and if she had a tutu on would look amazingly similar to you! :D

  14. You're so lucky to have a daughter who wants to join in the fun of crafting, and what a great job she has done here.

    Well done Lauren!

    Lin xx

  15. Lauren this is so adorable and love how you colored her and congratulations on your blue ribbon!! You are a very pretty girl!

  16. Oooooh Miss Ruby - you're gonna have to watch your crafting supplies 'cause I think Miss Lauren is going to start to play! She's done an AWESOME job on this beautiful card!

  17. oh my word. how cute is that! Such fantastic coloring for sure! A great card with super fun flowers! Way to go Lauren!

    You? Waffle? Never!! BWwahhhaa! That's why we loves ya! I'm at work and commenting on your site did not work from from one computer so am attempting to do so from another. And so far so good! Thanks for sharing your stories!

  18. Ahh this is soo cute love how you have coloured penelope in she looks beautiful. love chelsea xx

  19. This is gorgeous Lauren! Penelope is so pretty with all the flowers (and trees) around her! You did a great job of the colouring, and a beautiful flower on the inside too!

    Aren't you glad that Aunty Zoe may be organizing more of this kiddie challenges, so that you can play with mom's crafting stuff more often now? ;)

  20. Beautiful card inside and out Lauren! So loving all the details from the flowers to the sparkly buttons.


  21. OMG Lauren!!!! What a beautiful card sweetie! You are talented just like your Mom!!! I love the sparkle on the buttons and the eyeshadow on your image! Great card!
    Ruby, you must be very proud of your daughter! So cute. I hope all went well at the hospital, that is always so trying on a Mom. I wish your daughter the best and congrats on her accomplishments with the soccer team! wooo hoooo!
    Hugs, Dena

  22. That is a gorgeous card Lauren!! Very well done my dear! Looks great! Hugs to your mom!
    Hugs Kristel

  23. Lauren, you did a fantastic job coloring this pretty girl image! You are definitely following in your Mommy's footsteps. I'm sure one day she will let you start your own blog site! Ruby, I think this was a great idea to have a challenge for the kids. So much talent out there!
    Hugs, Cami


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