Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Darlings Challenge#10 Not Square

Hi me again with another challenge with  
Little Darlings and for this time around we want to see anything but a square.Oh that is easy right!!!

This is the basket I said I was going to do with my daughter. Since the other basket I did last week is going to her teacher we wanted to do one for the Teacher aid as well.

I'm so sad to say that my Lauren is really really sick and we almost called it quits to finish this up.I've been having her home since Monday. I've tried every medicine ,vapor rub massages, cough drops and ice packs.... I still can't cut down her fever.On top of that she has a bad cough,stomach pain and maybe because of her fever her teeth are starting to hurt.

If she doesn't get better from a new med I went to go get today.Well I'm off to the hospital :(

I just hope and crossing fingers it doesn't get to that point.At this moment she's sleeping in my room with Dad :) If you know of a remedy please I'm all ears!!! 

 Lauren helped me with the flowers, did major punching and designing.

Just  to show you we were such in a hurry that we forgot to fix the bow and fill it up with candy lol!

For my basket we used Autumn Friends coloured on Kraft paper and used pencil mediums.

You could find her at the
Love To Stamp store available now. You could find so many goodies that are must have like the score-tape!!!! I used Score tape for my basket and it works so well, seriously!

You could find more inspiration at the Little Darlings challenge blog as my teammies have created so many different projects. I hope you could join us and thank you for stopping by.


  1. This is really amazing Ruby! Looks so marvelous dear! Such a great job!
    Hope you are doing fine!!
    Hugs Kristel

  2. Ruby I'm so sorry Lauren is not well, bless her xxx
    I so love your gift basket! beautiful colouring as always.
    Love to Lauren.
    Mel. xxx

  3. So gorgeous Ruby,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Ruby, this is soooo cute!!! I might have to do an afternoon craft with Matthew today!!! I hope Lauren is feeling better, the colds that are going around now are brutal! Both little ones have had it! And it lingers forever! But the fever would worry me... I'd take her in if it hasn't gone down! Matthew was having severe stomach cramps a few weeks ago, they finally did x-rays... he was constipated big time... kind of like a blockage... pretty gross, I know, but he was sick with that cold at the same time... Take care!!
    Hugs to you and Lauren!

  5. I hope she is feeling better soon Ruby.
    Your card is gorgeous.

    Hugs Monique

  6. This is beautiful and so much work in it too. I do hope your little girl is soon well, we all have the same thing and its awful sending her hugs xxxxx

  7. Oh Ruby girl. I m so sorry to hear of your daughters sickness. Bleh! I say 48-72 hrs with a fever is my max then I'm off to the Dr. If anyone else in the house has symptoms too then I go to the Dr. sooner. My son woke with a fever this am.....we're working on it. I am going to check his tonsils soon. I sure hope she is feeling better these days. Your basket is oober cute even without candies! TFS. cyber hugs!


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