Monday, August 20, 2012

Magnolia-licious HOP Meets with My NEW DT :)


OMG It's been a while wow!
Well folks if your coming to visit me just because well guess what....... 

You just stepped into our 
Magnolia-licious Highlities monthly blog hop. 
So If you came from my VERY talented friend Patti Jo well then your right on track but If you wish to start at the beginning for more eye candy well then come HERE.

With this also I have a special announcement!!!!! 









YES!!!! What a wonderful opportunity I've been given so I'm taking it and I AM RUNNNNNING...(Like Forrest Gump lol!)

Thank you Jennie Black and DT MEMBERS for having me :)

Anywhoo I've been playing with my spectrum markers and GUYS THEY ARE SO JUICY AND LUSCIOUS! The color on my images are so vivid it's crazy.
I've been keeping this hush hush for a bit now and I'm happy that I finally get to scream it out :) 

I will be having more demos for you guys using these markers and what a better time to start now and since I'm the last on the Magnolia-licious Hop line up.

Then you could hang out with me for a bit whoohooo!!!

At the end of the post I will have links and recipe combo for today's showcase.

I created a Book Mark / Tag featuring my cute Tilda with gift for you. I needed to stay with the theme for the Magnolia-licious challenge which is "Back to School projects"

SO who wants to see how I colored her hair using my Spectrum pens on KRAFT PAPER :)

Let the fun begin

Step #1 – Using TN9, randomly start by making some small curl strokes on the base of the head.  Do not go to far out because you want to leave the end of the lock lighter.

Step #2 – Using TN3, start by pulling out TN9 and again leave some hair left for a lighter tip on the curl.  Some strands are so short that dotting the color works also.

Step #3 – Using DR7, go back to the root of the head and create the same stroke on top of the original TN9.  Here, we are starting to preserve our shading.

Step #4 – Using CR1, color in all the untouched spots and ends of locks.  Everything should come together nicely.

Step #5 – Using IG6, dot some dark spots closely under the headband and under her hair line to enhance the deep shades.  The dimensional effect that it gives when you add the dark shading is so eye catching. 
and that's all is to it. I hope I have given you some boost to give it a try.

From now on I will try to do as many more demos as possible. If you want to see a specific technique using Spectrum markers please let me know. I'm game for any challenge.....uhhhhh Did I just say that lol!!!

I guess I did lol!!!! Let me know if you want to a color combo for example. A specific image from Magnolia, Little Darlings, Crafters Companion or Make It Crafty(my DT'S). Of course I would have to make sure I have them in my stash :)

Well here is another glance of the finish tag

here is how it comes apart with a corner book mark, baby tag and mother tag :)

Maybe slipping a thank you note to a teacher or some bribing money BAAAHAAA!!! JK!!!!

Speaking of School.
Guess who IS GOING TO SCHOOL OMG!!! I'm so happy but then the more I think of it. I start getting sad and with a big knot in my throat....SOPHIE.
My baby girl ... my last child :(  I'll be home alone now sigh..... she starts school on Tuesday but tomorrow is open house so she gets to hang out the classroom before the big day, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate even saying it OMG!!! but it makes my heart hurt a little.
I do not like to show my tears when I walk them on their first day of school specially on their pre-k debut. 

Last thing I want is for them to feel scare or mainly embarrass of the crying sobbing lady walking them to school everyday lol!

I think I'm gonna brake this time though .... THIS IS IT!!! No more for me.
OMG!!!! I'm tearing already.
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME LOL! I am dead serious I'm weeping right now, lol! 

My Sophie is growing TOO FAST and btw we just celebrated her 4th bday on Aug 12. 
Oh we had so much fun but with this long posting as it is I owe you guys pixs. 

OK I'm signing off so make sure you join us for the Magnolia-licious challenge HERE and for more colouring tips using Spectrum Noir pens visit the blog HERE

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL WEEK!!! Oh and wish me luck on Tuesday. I'll be back sometime this week. I think something for the sweet tooth -_+ is in order.

My coloring combos with Spectrum Noir pens available at Crafters Companion

Skin: TN2,TN3, FSI, CR1, CR5
Hair: DR7, TN3, TN9, CR1

Dress: TB1, TB3, TB4, TB6, BT1
Headband: DR4, DR6, DR7
Shoes: DR7, DR9, CR1
Socks: 1G2, 1G6
No. 1 Teacher tag: DR1, DR4, DR6, DR7, CR8, TB1, TB4, TB5
Present: DR6, DR7, GB4, GB11, CT1
Shading: 1G2, IG6

Magnolia product available at the 


  1. Ruby, I am so thrilled to hear you are on (and there is) a Spectrum Noir DT!! I bought some of the pens and love them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!

  2. WOW that's one gorg tag!! I love her hair, and your beautiful colouring, well done lovely on your fab new DT postition xxx

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous tag, Ruby!! Love the papers and all the pieces! What a work of heart!
    All the best for your little Sophie (and for you too!)

  4. Oh this is fantastic...congrats. Would love skin tips..I just can not seem to get the depth of color I get with other marker sets so any tips on that would be great.

  5. Ruby ~ Congrats on the honors with Spectrum Noir! Those are new to me, but your project has certainly caught my interest. I'll check them out. The coloring is absolutely beautiful! Try not to be sad for missing your little one - be excited for all the experiences she'll have. You're a terrific mom for caring so much!

  6. Simply ravishing, Ruby!!!!! Your coloring is phenomenal and you showcased this little darlin' brilliantly!

  7. P.S. Dearest Ruby......I clearly remember those days....very hard on us Moms!!!!

  8. WELCOME RUBY.. I am delighted to have you as part of our team! You and your talent rock... as for your little one.... I can so relate. I cried and cried on his first day of school and his last day of school i was so happy for him i was crying happy tears. HUGS to you, she will love it and you will live through it... Just enjoy each stage of her life and you will never regret it.

  9. Oh Ruby, congratulations on your new DT position! They knew a good thing when they saw it!

    Your project is fantastic! There are so many fun elements included, and your coloring is wonderful, as always!

    Hang in there - it's part of being a mom. If tying a brick to their little heads worked to keep them little, ALL of us would have done it! Sadly, the brick on the head just doesn't work! Be brave! Soon they'll want the car keys and .....

    Chris Christensen

  10. Great project.

    My last one goes to school full time from 1st October. It's going to feel so strange, but I shall be colouring all day long until OH notices and says I have to find a real job, lol!

    ** Kate **

  11. Toooo funny! You are just full of amazing news, aren't ya? First of all, that SN team is going to rock with you on their team and I can't wait to see what YOU do with them! I'm going to prepare to be amazed!
    Secondly, I cried every single first day of my baby girl's I know just how you feel..Stay strong kiddo!
    Third...this tag is ...incredible Ruby! I love all of the amazing details that you put into your work!!

  12. cool work, looks great!


  13. Gorgeous creation Ruby...thanks for detailing how you colored her hair on kraft cardstock. Congrats on your wonderful new DT position. Well deserved!!!

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Ruby!!! Fantastic details and colouring on kraft! And congratulations on your new DT spot hun, they are so lucky to have you!!! Good luck for the BIG day too, time does fly... and I do cry a lot too:-)!!!! BIG hugs Delphine xx

  15. Beautiful the for that lump in your throat...I remember it like it was yesterday, even though one daughter just graduated from Law school and the other has one more year of Microbiology! Enjoy this time, it flies by all to quickly!

  16. Oh wow Ruby. Your bookmark is awesome !! Your colouring is wonderfull as always. I can understand they asked you for the DT. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing your projects. I love my spectrum noirs :)).

    Hugs Monique

  17. Congrats on making the Spectrum Noir DT!!!! How exciting and fun!!!!
    Thank you for sharing the tut for coloring Tilda's hair!!! Her entire coloring is awesome!!!
    I love the tag project!!!

  18. Your tag is absolutely gorgeous! And congratulations on your new DT gig! Well deserved! And keep your chin up, Mom, and enjoy your quiet time and don't weep! Good luck! :D

  19. Your tag is too cute, I love it. Congratulations on your new DT
    Karla U

  20. Your book mark is spectacular! I love it, what fun design. Congrats on your new DT.


  21. Congrats on the DT. Your card is awesome. Thanks for a wonderful blog hop.


  22. This is so cute, love the colours and your colouring is just perfect:)

  23. This is beautiful Ruby, I'm just bloghopping by, hope you are having a good day.
    Teresa x


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