Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fairy Zombie gable box

Hey guys I'm back and guess what MY FATHER is back home!!! I thank you all for all the speedy recovery messages. Although he is making improvements we know we still have a way to go but as long as it's going to a healthier Daddy then I'm feeling much better. I have tot tell you I was so stressed and worried was an understatement. GUYS!!!! I couldn't even color :(

Anyways I'm a bit more cheerful these days and just a tiny stressed because the HOLIDAYS are coming OMG AWWWWHHHH!!!!
You guys don't understand I have two bday kiddos this month, Thanksgiving, HOLIDAY shopping ack!!! Do you think I want to do black Friday!!?? PISHHHHH!!!! Heckie NO!!! LOL!
OK that was my waffling for the day and let's move on to my DT post.
Ok so Saturated Canary has a new challenge and the theme this time around is
"Alter something".
So with that being said I went into my stash and I had some few gable boxes left over from my babies bday party. These are so cute all decorated .

I went with Withering Fairy and zombied her up with some pale skin tones but gave her some Gothic clothing lol! IDK I guess she's a hot mess lol! Speaking of zombies....Did you guys see War world Z with Brat Pitt!? OMG it was goooood!  Well if your into zombies then you know.
My son was shivering of fear the first 10 minutes lol! Too funny :P
Ok I'm getting side tracked here.

 So I was saying gable box was altered for a Halloween treat. A very easy project to do. I hope you could join us and please go check out what my DT has done too. They had me in aweee.
They are so talented :)
Come on back soon as I have a very special card to share.
Sending many sweet kisses and tight hugs :)

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