Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wings With Love

Happy Thursday friends!!! I'm very well in the creating mode right now. The holidays have creeped up on us and with TWO bday children this month life is busy around here. 

Nevertheless Just gotta keep swimming as Dori might say.
Here is the states some crazy peeps do Black Friday.... it a day that people bail out on family Thanksgiving and go shopping. Well I have done my share of black Friday shopping AFTER Thanksgiving dinner I might add. Well I'm not sure what I'm shopping for but I'll be out there at wee hours shopping for nonsense lol! Sometimes my hubby and I look at each other and say WHAT THE F#@%! are we doing??? I say i don't know I'm following you lol! Just to go with the hype I guess LOL!! Freaking Losers we are, I say lol!! As long as we get coffee and don't get cursed and shoved we enjoy each others company.

Ok so it's been quiet here for one I mentioned it before I'M COLORING FOR CHA! YES CHA IS AROUND THE CORNER! So yes i'm trying to keep up with a busy family which we pretty much find any excuse to hang out with our close friends and family. Having each others company is just a blessing and life couldn't be any sweeter. I appreciate my friends and family that surround me now so much. My brother is expecting did I tell ya!!!??? YES!! he is and expecting a baby girl. I believe she should be here the fist month of 2016 so anxious Aunty over here. Ok so I'm getting off track and lets keep it moving lol!

Today I have a take on Copic markers. Copic markers for those that don't know are Artist professional markers. They are my favorite marker mediums that I use in a regular basis. To use them is very easy and it takes lots of practice to keep improving your skills. I've been using them for a long long long time now and I always finding inspiration all over the internet that continues the learning process. So if you're interested in jumping on the relaxing coloring, go for it.
There's tons of other mediums. I recently started eye balling, PEN COLORING! Yes with regular ink pens. The art looks so very good.

All right that's enough rant let me get you going :P

This is Wings from DollHouse Rubber stamps a Claudia Tremblay art. Her rich vivid art always inspires me the way I color my Dollhouse images.  I did tweaked her eyes by coloring in some detail in the pupils and a pretty eye color. Lots of undertones and shading on her. I will add copic recipe below.


The LDRS Fluttered Tulip Bodice Die is inserted and layered behind her and adorned with rich color roses. From reds, peach and white.

My sentiment is stamped and colored with  RED COPIC to enhance the letters.

Ok so I'll be back tomorrow for another LDRS creative posting. I'll c-you here mister lol!


Copic Recipe
Skin: BV00,E50,E51,E93
Hair: BV00,T1,T3,T4,T5,100
Wings: R46,R39,RV69,BG49,BG10,B00
Dress: E50,E09,E15,E07
Shoes: R39,R46
Lips: RV21,RV10

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